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2023 Easter Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches has received products from many of the brands below, to facilitate this article, which is part of our series of Gift Ideas and Buying Guide publications.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged.  All information an images comes directly from the brands.  Any opinions stated are those of the author. This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Here in sunny Florida, we’ve been experiencing spring/summer weather since mid January.  It’s 92 degrees at 11:00 am, as I type this. But for those who are in harsher climes, spring is finally on the horizon, and Easter is just around the corner. Here are some great alternatives to giving candy this year!

Welcome to the 2023 Easter Gift Ideas and Buying Guide!


Cocomii / 2023 Easter Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

“Cocomii® creates world-class smartphone accessories that protect your devices with rugged bravado for a stylistically memorable and defining experience!

At Cocomii, we believe there is a better way to carry our devices. A more classy, less clumsy case where one can make a fashion statement without a word spoken. Our answer: The Square iPhone Case. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to create only the most stylistic cases that spice up ones’ lifestyles.

Cocomii Square iPhone Cases are sleek, trendy and chic. The cushioned Square corners and edges are super stylish, more protective and easier to grip. Once you make the switch to Square, you are never going back. Transform your iPhone today into a stunning new device! And be prepared to be flooded with compliments and likes from your friends and family!”

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“AirHood™ was designed by the French designer Maxime Augay when he was in college. Like many great innovations, this came from a personal need because Maxime found his own extractor hood at home difficult to clean – and frankly, not up to his own aesthetic tastes. After having won the imm Cologne 2019’s “Pure Talent Contest – Living Kitchen Selection” with his design concept, he decided to bring the AirHood™ to reality. He has partnered up with Smart Product Concepts (SPC), a veteran with over 20 years of experience in kitchen appliances manufacturing, to ensure the concept is brought to life successfully.

The AirHood™ has a unique value proposition that makes it a perfect match for individuals all over the world. Its development and design history differ significantly from typical processes within Smart Product Concepts (SPC), which is primarily a company focused on manufacturing within the B2B space. As such, Maxime and SPC decided to launch the AirHood™ through crowdfunding on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, so that we can rely on the foodies as well as tech- and design-lovers of the world to bring AirHood™ to life.

Now, The AirHood™ is launching its second batch on pre order.

Smart Product Concepts was established over twenty years ago. They have continued to design products that revolutionize the cooking experience for people around the world.

Headquartered in Hong Kong and with state-of-the-art facilities on the Chinese mainland, we continue to develop long-term partnerships with our clients so they can expand their portfolios, build new revenue streams, capture new audiences, get products to market fast, and deliver better customer experiences.”

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“We founded BoxFull with one goal in mind: provide a thoughtful and meaningful gift that allows people to be there, even when they can’t.  We know that when we send a BoxFull it’s arriving in your place to deliver a hug and whatever emotions you send along. We pack every BoxFull with great care so that all of those emotions are received upon opening! The possibilities with our BoxFulls are endless – if you don’t see something that fits your need, reach out to us for our one of a kind Custom BoxFulls.

Every BoxFull ordered helps us deliver on our mission to Send Love to the People we Love, in a Box.”

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Dingle Dangle Baby

Dingle Dangle Baby

“Creators of the Award-Winning 🏆Dingle Dangle baby toy. 🇬🇧 Proud UK business 🇬🇧”

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Elaina Badro®

Elaina Badro ®

““Elaina Badro®“ is an internationally recognized entrepreneur and celebrity/high fashion makeup artist. She is the mastermind behind the Elaina Badro® Elite Brush Line. A beauty brand consumers can finally trust! Fellow professional makeup artists, high fashion photographers and celebrities all admire Elaina for the makeup magic she so effortlessly creates with the stroke of her brushes.

Elaina says she always knew she was meant for an entrepreneurial life in cosmetics. After graduating high school with honors at Granada Hills Charter High School, she made a beeline for university and attributes much of her success to her degree in Business Marketing at Long Beach State and California State University Northridge. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA.”

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“Our Mission”

To give kids a safe, trusted, and relatable friend they can lean on as they grow through new lessons in life.

Meet the Creators

Hi there! We’re K.A. & Derek, an author-illustrator couple based in Tampa, Florida and the creators of the Brudders® children’s brand.


Everything in the Brudders® series demonstrates a scenario or lesson that children ages 2-8 commonly find themselves in. By observing Brudders the bear go through similar situations, children will grow through a self discovery process while enjoying a fun adventure with Brudders in the woods.”

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Meri Meri Bunny Basket and Brown Bunny, by FAO Schwarz

FAO Schwarz

Meri Meri Bunny Basket 

“This gorgeous straw bag has a sweet bunny face, a peach gingham cotton lining, fun floppy ears and a cute pompom tail. It is perfect as an Easter basket, or for any special occasion where an adorable accessory will add style. Available from FAO Schwarz, and Target.”

Brown Bunny 

“The FAO Schwarz Brown Bunny Is the most classic way to spread Easter Joy. Soft fluffy plush featuring blue bow and orange footpad. Available from FAO Schwarz,”

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Cake-N-Bake Challenge by Hey Buddy Hey Pal Investments, LLC

Cake-N-Bake Challenge by Hey Buddy Hey Pal Collage


“This game literally delivers a full “cake” of colorful foam “slices,” realistic looking bakery topping and candle cards — even a chef’s cap! Really different from other games out there; and while it’s a great family game it’s also great for preschoolers.  Bright and colorful, no reading required, simple game play, and totally tactile playing pieces. It fits right into today’s sweet spot of families’ appetites for cooking fun (thank you culinary competition shows and recipe apps!), time together and game play for the kids . . and mom and dad! Just launched on Amazon!

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Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt, by Vango

Blackbeard's Treasure Hunt, by Vango

“Avast me hearties! This newest kid’s action game from Vango Toys has all the pirate-loving tropes for young swashbucklers! Follow the treasure map, unlock a treasure chest, and collect the booty of gold doubloons that spill out of the Chest! Takes both luck. . . and strategy. Yo ho ho… this sounds like a lot of fun!!! Available on Amazon!”

Website | Instagram | YouTube 

Zip Linx Hi-Fly Set

Zip Linx

“This high-flying, chain-reaction activity set delivers the eye-popping payoff of the classic domino run— but ZipLinx launch pieces up to 3 feet in the air for the finale! The magic of the system is not only the ease of set-up but there’s also no accidental starts. That means your design literally won’t “pop” until you insert the special Linx Launcher Key! Available now on Amazon.”

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube 

EggMazing by Hey Buddy Hey Pal Investments, LLC

“Mess-Free Egg Decorating Kit: This fun company has sold $12 million in retail sales in just 1 year since airing on Shark Tank. They started with one product, the EggMazing Egg Decorator, and now have 15 products that are fun for the whole family and year round! Simply just use markers with the Eggmazing device to create the most gorgeous Easter eggs. Now you can also create ornaments at holiday time. Comes with 8 colorful markers.” Available at Target 

Website | Facebook| Twitter | Instagram |YouTube | TikTok 

Figures 23 by PLAYMOBIL

Playmobil Figures 23

“Collect a mystery figure in every box! With 12 ‘boys’ and 12 ‘girls’ figures each unboxing is a new surprise! With interchangeable parts, kids can create entirely different figures and create new and original characters creating a new world of imagination!”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube 

Zoom-O Turbo Disc Launcher by Blip Toys

Zoom-O Turbo Disc Launcher by Blip Toys

“We’re passionate about making high quality toys for today’s kids, offered at a great value. Blip

Zoom-O Turbo Disc Launcher (Blip Toys): A great outdoor activity with discs that launch up to 100 feet in the air with the easy to use, hand-held disc launcher! Simply load the disc onto the launcher, pull the cord and watch it zoom into the sky!” Available at Target

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Chocolate Bunny Popper by Hog Wild Toys

Chocolate Bunny Popper by Hog Wild Toys

“Designed to look just like a delicious chocolate bunny, this ‘treat’ even has a ‘bite’ taken out of his ear!  Plus, this lil’ bunny can ‘shoot’ its own rainbow colored dingle berries up to 20 feet! Simply squeeze its belly and the berries fly!  Comes with six safe foam balls.” Available at Amazon

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MODE Chocolate

MODE Chocolate


“Great tasting chocolate without the extra sugar.

Delicious chocolate with zero added sugar—made naturally sweet with monk fruit, our not-so-secret ingredient, without any calories or aftertaste.

We started Mode after our love affair with chocolate turned into a troublesome relationship with food. Too much sugar was taking a toll on our health and cutting it out only made us crave it more. So, we cleared off our kitchen island and began experimenting. Days turned into weeks and weeks into years, when we finally created a delicious chocolate bar—combining just a few ingredients you can actually pronounce, without all the sugar.

We believe that guilt, permission and shame shouldn’t drive our decisions around food, and the less we have to think about food, the easier it will be to live our lives. Mode exists to give you an easier option to enjoy chocolate, however it fits into your life.

That’s what Mode is all about, just great tasting chocolate without the extra sugar.”

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok








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  • These are some great ideas. I actually have a few of the items you have listed here already.

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  • I am thrilled to get some Easter basket ideas! My daughters cannot get enough of phone cases, and I think they will absolutely adore the ones you suggested. And, as for my goddaughter, she will go crazy over that mobile toy! It is simply the coolest thing ever! Thank you so much for your help!

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