3 Tricks To Help You Get Cheap Home Insurance

Getting burgled is always a terrible experience but it’s a whole lot worse if you don’t have home insurance to replace all of the stuff you lost. A lot of people don’t bother with home insurance because they think it will never happen to them and it’s just an unnecessary expense. But the thing is, it could easily happen to you. As well as burglary, you’ve got to consider fires and floods etc. If you haven’t got insurance, you could lose everything and have to spend a huge amount of money on replacing everything and fixing up the house. If you haven’t taken out any home insurance because you’re worried about the cost, try some of these simple tricks to massively reduce the cost.

3 Tricks To Help You Get Cheap Home Insurance
Secure Your Home

Insurance companies base the price of a policy on 2 things; the value of the items in the house and the likelihood of you making a claim. If the area that you live in has a lot of burglaries then you’ll be paying more. But you’ll also pay more if your home isn’t that secure, making it a prime target for thieves. You’ll get a much better deal if you spend a little time and money securing the house. The first thing to check is any entry points to the building. That means replacing all the locks on doors and windows with stronger ones. The garage door is one that burglars often target because people forget about it. If you’ve got an old, broken one, get a garage door repair company to sort it out for you. Get yourself some security lights and even think about investing in a few cameras as well. These will act as a great deterrent and your home insurance company is likely to give you a cheaper policy as well. Just make sure that you’re not using the fake dummy cameras because, although they’re a lot cheaper, they’re easily recognizable as fakes so they don’t do anything to protect your property.

Replace Old Appliances

Not a lot of people think about this when they’re trying to get a good home insurance deal but it can really help. Old appliances are, in the eyes of an insurance company, more of a fire hazard or a flood risk in the case of washing machines etc. If you replace them with newer ones, you’ll get a cheaper insurance quote. You’ll also save yourself some money on energy bills because newer appliances will be a lot more energy efficient.

Combine With Other Insurance

Most insurance companies these days offer a wide range of services including things like car insurance, health insurance etc. What a lot of them also do is offer you discounts if you have more than one policy with them. That’s why it’s worth looking at the companies that you already buy insurance from and asking them what deals they’ll give if you take out a home insurance policy with them. You can also consider switching all of your existing policies over to a new company. In most cases, you’ll find that you get a big discount.

Use these 3 tricks and you can get a home insurance policy for a lot less than you would normally pay.


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