4 Home Decor Features Every Pet Lover Needs

For animal-lovers, a house isn’t a home unless it has pets. Whether you are obsessed with dogs, cats, or rabbits, your property will be full of life even when nobody is home. Of course, this means that decorating can be a challenge.

Aside from installing features that are chew and hair-proof, you want to imbue your personality, which means investing in decor that reminds you of your love for animals. It’s not easy, but it is doable with the following properties that are widely available.

Here are the home decor features every pet lover needs.

Fur-free Upholsteries

Some pets don’t molt, yet it isn’t as if you can trade your pooch in for a short-haired one. Once you make a decision, the dog is yours for life. Therefore, you’ve got to think of loopholes that will make their fur build-up less homely, and a brilliant option is to invest in fur-free upholsteries. They sound advanced, but it can be as basic as a leather sofa and armchair set as leather is wipeable. Alternatively, if you’re not comfortable with a cow in your home, you can pick between a selection of synthetic fabrics as they don’t attract pet hair as easily.

A Customized Coat Rack

If you assume that coat racks are only for humans, you’re sadly mistaken! In reality, a coat rack is more than a welcoming addition to your house’s entrance that fills the space. It adds practicality, too. As any animal-lover knows, leaving for a walk can be a huge scene when you can’t find the leash or collar. However, if it’s hanging from a hook next to your jacket, bag, and keys, you’ll never have to worry about ensuring you have everything your dog needs. Just take it off the hook and let them waste some energy! 


Animals are huge parts of your life, so it’s only right that your interiors reflect the fact. Sometimes, decorating with animals in mind is a struggle as it involves former living creatures. Eww. Thankfully, faux taxidermy is a new trend that’s becoming very popular among pet owners as it allows you to hang sculptures and animal outlines without experiencing horrific guilt. If that isn’t your thing, you shouldn’t forget about paintings and pictures with animals as their focal point. You can find pretty-but-affordable artwork online or boutique stores and independent shops if you’re willing to shop around for a bargain!

Pet-friendly Decor

You love your pet so much that you’re happy for it to sleep in your bed and use the furniture as if it’s their own. Although it’s cute, it leads to problems with hygiene and co-dependence – dogs get needy once they reach the bed! Giving them their own features and accessories is healthy for two reasons. Firstly, it creates boundaries. Secondly, it looks great tucked up in the corner of the living room since it helps to split up your home’s design.

Decorating as an animal-lover means mixing style with practicality. Do you agree?


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