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How Concrete Pools and Oasis Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Perth Home

As a homeowner, when you’re looking to add some curb appeal to your home, refurbishing the interiors is one way of doing this, however, what stands out the most and will increase the value of your home too, is refurbishing the exteriors. For those who have extra features such as a landscaped garden or a swimming pool, no matter if they be traditional or above ground pools, this article will tap into the many ways to add some much needed and valuable appeal to your pool area.

How Concrete Pools and Oasis Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Perth Home

How Concrete Pools and Oasis Landscaping Can Add Value to Your Perth Home


If you go online to search how many homes have swimming pools in Perth, the pages exceed hundreds, and there’s a good reason for this. Because of the magnificent weather conditions and Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and highs of over 31-degree Celsius, it’s no wonder majority of the properties here have them.

In this part of Australia, many homeowners either purchase a property with these structures already contained within them or get them added before they move in, it’s almost become a mandatory addition to any home. Be it in your back yard or front yard, any help in cooling down from the mid-day scorching heat is welcome.

So, besides exposed brickwork, a bar at the end of your garden, some outdoor garden decking and a Leilani Concrete and Landscape concrete driveway with parking, what else can you do to increase the resale value of your property? – building or remodeling a swimming pool. Let’s dive right in (excuse the pun!) and get a few good tips on how either building one, or remodeling it can do all this and more.

Upgrading the Surrounding Features. Remodeling or upgrading the pool and its immediate areas and features is one of the simplest things to do when thinking about adding some curb appeal to it. Items such as the tiles can be swapped for more chic ones, you can choose to go for a different shape of the pool, you can add some extras such as a pool slide, diving board, waterfall and a fence around it. All these features inside or outside of it will only add more attractive qualities to it, in an irresistible manner.

Adding A Jacuzzi. Jacuzzi’s have been the craze recently. Ever since we have had to work from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world, many of us are finding ways to enhance our lifestyles now that we have the chance to, not to mention our living spaces as well.

Adding a pool jacuzzi can do wonders for you and your family’s health. Did you know there are numerous benefits of having a pool jacuzzi or spa in your home? From improving your cardiovascular health to helping you sleep better, alleviate muscle aches and pain, it can help lower blood pressure, and destressing, this link here, can tell you more about this.

On that note adding a hot tub is also another recommendation. There are several options of hot tubs to put next to a pool, and they include a portable type one, or rotationally molded one which acts like a hydrotherapy option, an exercise spa tub, a wooden hot tub made of similar wood planks like in a sauna, an in-ground tub or a soft-sided one made of soft material some of which come with speakers and rink holders. Plus, these don’t only come in different shapes but also sizes and colors.

Building A Concrete Pool. No two pools are alike, not in their costs, nor their materials. However, there are some that are better than others in their quality and life-span, and concrete pools sit right on top of that list. Concrete, also called cement, is a component made out of a mixture of cement, sand, a coarse aggregate such as stone or gravel and water, all these are mixed to form a liquid used to make multiple different items from floor tiles, to flower pots and even swimming pools.

Why would anyone build a concrete pool? Well, for starters, they are aesthetically pleasing because they can be sculpted into almost any shape if you don’t believe us just look here: https://www.thespruce.com/the-main-types-of-inground-pools-2736828. They also come in different types of finishes, you want to tile the surface, it can be done, you want flower patterns on it, this can be done too. If you want a stone finish or pebbles and mosaic alternatives, all of this can be easily accomplished in a day’s work.

Secondly, they are hard-wearing, much like the fiberglass alternatives, you won’t need to worry that falling debris or sharp objects will damage or crack the structure, which usually happens to the vinyl kinds. The concrete material provides a more natural look to the area both inside and outside it and gives a classic appearance only a few get the opportunity to appreciate.

Landscaping the Pool Area. You have probably heard of garden landscaping, but have you come across pool landscaping? If not, don’t worry. The basic idea behind this is to enhance the appearance of the pool with specific features that involve plant life and natural stone, some may know it by another name, i.e. a Pools Oasis, which is the prominent feature one can see in most holiday resort pools which have palm trees in the middle of the water body, and a rock formation or two to mimic a small island.


Some go so far as to build a pool bar around surrounding it or add some flowering planters and a hammock above the water. This possibly gives the most “wow” reaction amongst most things. Add some underwater lighting to it or around the border of the structure and your good to go.

Just a remodeling of the pool and adding any of the above features can add a minimum of $10,000 on top of the selling price, and we haven’t even considered the hot tub or jacuzzi is our numbers yet. Those who will resell their houses won’t have any trouble finding buyers once all the above or some features are employed, neither will they miss out on the chance to make back twice as much for it.


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