4 Ways To Improve Your Dog’s Diet

In the same way that your eating habits can lead to your longevity, the same applies to your dog. You love your canine companion, so you wouldn’t want to harm their health by feeding them the wrong diet. Therefore, focus on the following tips, giving your dog a fighting chance to stay healthier for longer, and giving you the opportunity to enjoy his companionship for many more years to come.

Diet Tip #1: Always read dog food labels

TV adverts and brochures will hype up the benefits of certain brands of dog food, but you shouldn’t take what they say for granted. Their sole aim is to line the dog food company’s pockets with more money. Therefore, don’t be susceptible to marketing, and commit to research by looking at the packaging labels on the dog food tin. There are certain ingredients you need to look out for; those offering nutritional value, and not those that are detrimental to your dog’s health.

Diet Tip #2: Be mindful of dog treats

Dog treats should be given out sparingly, so despite your love for your pet, don’t go overboard, no matter how much your dog begs. They should be used primarily as a training tool, so handing them out willy-nilly can negate your efforts, as well as causing weight problems in your dog. Be careful of the treats you feed your dog too. Always go for something that offers nutritional value, and never feed them any of your human treats, such as chocolate or potato chips, as these can be detrimental (and possibly fatal) to your dog’s health.

Eating Tip #3: Don’t feed from your own plate

You can guarantee that when meal time comes for you and your family, your dog will be there, sniffing around at everybody’s feet, hoping for the odd tidbit of food. You may then be tempted to throw pooch the occasional morsel to satisfy their cravings. This is flawed for two reasons. For starters, you will never satisfy your dog’s cravings, as they will always come back for more. Once they know of your generosity, you are going to have trouble every meal time when they expect the same behaviour from you. Secondly, you are doing them more harm than good. Even with those foods that are not individually harmful to your dog, you are still in danger of overfeeding them, which could lead to weight issues and other complications.

Eating Tip #4: Don’t change your dog’s diet suddenly

It’s fine to give your dog a little variety in the food he eats, but you need to be mindful when transferring from cooked products to something like freeze dried raw dog food. Especially if your dog is older, it can create problems in their digestive system, causing stomach upset, over flatulence and vomiting. Always introduce new foods gradually, mixing it up with their current menu, to give their body time to adjust to the change in the diet you are offering.


Your dog doesn’t have the capacity to make certain food choices, so you need to do it for them. By following our tips, you will promote healthier wellbeing and longevity for your beautiful animal. Let us know if you have any further advice for our dog-owning readers.



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