Learning on the Go is Fun

Mom are we there yet?  Mom…I’m bored.  Mom…there’s nothing to do.  

Learning on the Go is Fun

We’ve all heard it over and over again.  We plan great trips with our kids and they start whining before it’s hardly begun! A little screen time is ok, but why not throw in a little learning and creativeness in the mix!

We just spent a few days in sunny Florida.  Pool time was great, but there is only so much sun that delicate skin can handle.  This little guy needed some down time in the shade and thanks to TeachMy, he was able to relax and spend some time getting his ABC’s on with the Learning On The Go set.

Learning on the Go is Fun

The TeachMy Learning On The Go kit is perfect to tuck away in the back seat, to carry on a plane or train. It weighs in at just a pound and a half, and the nylon handled carrying case makes it easy to tote…even for little hands.  It comes with a magnetic dry erase board, which I think, is Noley Bears favorite feature. He was able to write and draw, erase and write and draw over and over again!

Learning on the Go is Fun

We played draw an animal and guess what it is, time after time in our hotel room. It also comes with 10 double sided learning cards and 2 washable dry erase markers. He was very content to work on his own, but mom couldn’t help but take a peek at his progress. Just look at the concentration on his face!

TeachMy specializes in kits that are easy to use, and that are guaranteed to be fun for young and old.  From baby to kindergarten there is a kit to fit. Each is affordable for even the tightest budgets, and would be worth quadruple the price, in my humble opinion. One of my daughters, who is a specialist in early education, is a huge fan and has every set that TeachMy has to offer. She feels that they are a great way for parents to help teach the fundamentals, but also as a wonderful bonding activity.



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