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Make Travel Security Way Easier with Waypoint Goods

Beautiful Touches received product from Waypoint Goods to facilitate this publication.  No monetary compensation was received.  Any opinions stated, are those of the author.

I am not the best traveler.  Anyone who has traveled with me can attest to that. First, I live with constant pain.  Second, I have brain damage that has left me with visual abnormalities, in that I have difficulty dealing with constant movement and patterns/colors, in my periphery vision. They cause extreme dizziness and nausea (and sadly, vomiting – YUCK).  This is itself frazzles my nerves, and with the pain making carrying bags difficult, I do anything and everything I can, to make things go as smoothly as possible.

Waypoint Goods Travel Scarves


I try to have luggage that is lightweight and moves effortlessly, and be as hands free as I can – meaning the fewer things I have to carry and “dig through” the better. I discovered travel scarves a while back, and they have been enormously helpful, but the ones that I had, were kind of flimsy, and didn’t hold a lot, but they did make a positive difference. The scarves from Waypoint Goods are soft,high quality, with smooth zipper closure, and they hold an amazing number of items for safe and easy hands-off travel!

SO, when I found out about Waypoint Goods, I was all but jumping for joy!

About Waypoint Goods

Waypoint Goods

Waypoint Goods is a travel brand perfect for you. Our simple yet sophisticated designs are intentional, clean, and the perfect addition to your travel accessories. We use only the finest leather and quality is all we know.

Waypoint Goods is a boutique design studio that creates beautiful, simple, functional and timeless travel accessories. Our products make your travel experience easier, safer and more enjoyable and allow you to focus on your adventure and not worry about your gear. Our products are uniquely crafted to stand out in a crowd and fit in wherever in the world you are! As passionate travelers, we create products that we want and love and hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Infinity Scarves with a hidden zipper pocket to store your travel essentials including your passport, wallet, keys and phone!

No matter what color you need – Waypoint Goods has it!  NO JOKE.  And if you want to go glamorous – their Limited Edition Patterns are just the ticket. And lets not forget about other times when travel scarves are a great asset.  No need to take a bag with you to the next football game.  Everything you need for an afternoon or evening out, can fit!  You can even sport your teams colors with the Stadium Collection.

Waypoint Goods Solid Travel Scarves

Head on over to Waypoint Goods to fine the perfect scarf or scarves for your holiday travel.  Grab a few for gifts for friends and family.  Which color or pattern do you like best?

Learn More, Follow, and Shop Waypoint Goods:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest


8 thoughts on “Make Travel Security Way Easier with Waypoint Goods

  • These sound like great products. I really love the purple scarf.

  • These are some nice products looking good

  • I had never heard of travel scarves untill now this waypoint goods looks really cool Sounds like they are very well made too Ill definitely have to check them out thanks for the info

  • These scarves are such a handy item for traveling – I cant believe I have never heard of them before. Having less to carry is so helpful.

  • I love the grey one.

  • I have never heard of travel scarves until now. I have rheumatoid arthritis and this would be amazing to have. I’m getting one ASAP.

  • looks really awesome

  • This is such an amazing scarf! I absolutely love the hidden pocket, this is so unique and handy! Thanks for sharing.


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