Simple Tips For Lazy Gardeners

A lovely big garden can be both a blessing and a curse. It is somewhere nice to go and sit with a coffee or a glass of wine in the summer and entertain friends and family, but, just like the inside of our homes, it takes a lot of time and energy to make it look presentable. We are heading into the depths of winter now, but before we know it, spring will be on its way, and it’s time to dig out those gardening gloves and tools and smarten up the garden. Thankfully, if you are a little short on time or energy, or just hate gardening, there are a few things that you can do to make your garden look great without putting too much into it. Before you start, make sure you have all the essential garden tools set in your hand. 

Read on to find out more simple tips for lazy gardeners.

Check it’s safe

The first thing you should do every year is to check that your garden is safe. This is even more important if you have pets or children. Spend a few minutes checking that any walls and fences are secure, that there are no holes for anyone to disappear down in the lawn suddenly and that any large trees are safe and healthy – a tree management company can come and give you advice on the latter if you are not sure. 

Decorative shrubbery

Ok, so one of the easiest ways to add a bit of glamour to your garden with minimum effort is to plant some ornamental shrubs, such as Hebe. These will help bring a pop of color and texture to your garden and look great year after year. There’s no sowing every year of new ones or pulling up dead ones – just plant them in the right spot and give them the most basic care and they will last forever. 


If you want flowers, but can’t be bothered to carefully plant rows of them, go for a relaxed wildflower meadow or country garden look.

The other alternative to having to spend days planting rows and rows of flowers in your garden is to go for a much more relaxed vibe. In fact, you can get a lovely wildflower meadow look by just sprinkling mixed flower seeds over your beds, or even the entire space if you like. Simply throw a handful of wildflower seeds into the space and watch them grow. If you want some control over the color palette, you can even buy color specific mixes. Many come with fertilizer combined into the mix as well, so it is the perfect choice for a gardener who wants beautiful flowers for as little effort as possible. 

Work on your lawn

Your lawn is always going to be the most labor-intensive part of your garden, Sure, you can just do the most basic of care – watering it through dry spells and mowing it, but to make a lawn look anything resembling decent involves some serious effort. Thankfully, there are a few lazy shortcuts. One is to sprinkle grass seeds in the early spring, which will encourage it to grow in the bald spots and make it look a little lusher. However, the ultimate in laziness is artificial grass. These take no tending or watering – although some people like to vacuum theirs – and you are guaranteed a gorgeous green lawn all year round with zero effort. It sounds like a win to us!


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