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It can be hard to find the perfect person for you in the modern world. Despite all of the apps and websites which are designed to help with this, most people struggle to meet someone who fulfills all of their needs. Of course, though, you can certainly get close, and the person you’ve chosen to marry is probably almost all of the way there.

To help you to push just a little bit further, this post will be exploring the improvements you can make with your husband, all without making him upset.


The way your partner looks is understandably important to you, even if some people preach that love is on the inside. You will want them to look their best, and this doesn’t just have to be for you; it will help them, too. There are a lot of hair cuts, clothing choices, and dental procedures to look better out there, and pushing your husband to take them on doesn’t have to be too hard. As long as you’re careful with your approach, you don’t have to make them feel bad about this.


The way someone acts in daily life is crucial to their success. Being confident and having the right attitude can influence this greatly, though a lot of people lack these qualities. The best approach to take when you want to improve someone else’s confidence is telling them that they are good at what they do. You shouldn’t shower them with needless compliments, instead choosing the right time to tell them that they’re perfect. This can improve someone’s outlook massively, all while giving you the chance to enjoy a more confident man.

Around The House

Cooking, cleaning, and doing other chores are all things which people don’t like to do. Of course, though, you want to live in a place which reflects you properly, and being surrounded by mess all the time will make life difficult. House training your husband can be a challenge, but it’s one which is well worth taking on. You shouldn’t be confrontational when you approach this, instead finding ways to split the work fairly, and putting something on paper which makes it easier for both sides to know what they need to do.

Their Work

Finally, as the last area to consider, it’s time to think about how you can help your husband with their job. Everyone needs to moan sometimes, and this is where you will be able to help the most; listening to the issues they’ve had and giving them the chance to talk about work. Alongside this, you could also help them to find new and better opportunities, while also boosting their confidence to make suggestions and speak their mind while they’re in the office.

Making your husband into a better person is a big part of being a good wife. They will be working to do the same for you, and it makes sense to put everything you can into this. In the end, your family will be stronger, and you will be happier with the person you’ve married.


Husband Upgrade: Improving Your Other Half

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