My Studio- The Start

Several years ago, one of my grandsons decided that my crafting area needed to be called My New STUDIO.

I like that:-)

It’s come a long long way from what it was before, so I’d like to show it off!

I forgot to get any pics of the room before we cleared the majority of it out.

my studio beforeFirst Shelving Unit Coming Out Of The Box

Making Some Progress.  One Shelving Unit Up and Loaded.

Below Is The Closet With Another Unit Installed and Filled to Capacity:-)

Getting There – Slowly But Surely already loving My New Studio

The Bathroom Even Got a Bit of Spit and Polish.

My New Studio

Ta Da!
My Studio

I still have a few pieces of artwork to get up on the walls and the closet needs some more organization, but all in all, I’m pretty darn happy with the outcome.

What do you think of my New Studio?

My New Studio

My New Studio at Home

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0 thoughts on “My New Studio at Home

  1. That looks really nice! I think it’s awesome that your grandson recognizes that you’re an artist and artists need studios! Thanks so much for sharing.

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