No More Lost Keys Thanks to MYNT

Disclosure: This product was received from MYNT by Slightech for review purposes only. All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to endorse it.

I cannot tell you how many times I have misplaced my keys or wallet.  It’s time to leave the house, I check my purse only to discover that my wallet isn’t in there or my keys are missing.  It drives my poor husband crazy.  We go on a mad scramble to find one or both items. Thanks to MYNT by Slighteck, our days for searching are over.

No More Lost Keys Thanks to MYNT


About MYNT by Slightech

On conception, we focused on creating an elegant and modern design that would improve the quality of life of a user. MYNT is streamline and petite, easy to fit in a wallet, attach to a keychain, or affix to a laptop or a TV remote. In addition, MYNT may also be embedded as a part of children’s clothing, or function as a pet tag.

Just attach the tracker (such as in my wallet, it sits inside one of the compartments) to your belongings. When you can’t find it, simply press the item icon on the  app.  The device will beep to help you locate it.  Features include:

  • Multi-Item Management
  • Distance Indicator
  • Item Ringer

No More Lost Keys Thanks to MYNT

There are so may uses that Slightech has incorporated in their awesome tracking device.  Can’t find your car in a packed parking lot?  No worries, just leave a tracker inside.  The app will record your location.  When you’re ready to locate your car, go back to your phone and the app will provide you with a map and walking directions.

And what about your cell phone?  ” The tracker and app become a bi-directional anti-loss device, so it will prevent you from losing your phone, too. When you can not find your phone, just long press the button on MYNT, your phone will ring to help you locate it.”

The Community:

When you report lost items in MYNT app, all of the MYNT users around the global will help you find it. Each phone with MYNT app installed can detect MYNT within 150 feet. You will have the help of a network supported by hundreds of thousands people.

No More Lost Keys Thanks to MYNT

What is the cost? As low as $19.95 per tracker. In my book, that’s a very very small price to pay for a LOT of security!

What will you get with your purchase?

Available in four different colors: Silver, Black, Gold, and Blue. All processed with PVD technology on stainless steel, the exact same technology used on iPhone 6 metal cover. Pick up a few today.  They would make awesome stocking suffers!

Learn More and Connect with Sightech, the makers of MYNT:  Website | Facebook | Twitter

No More Lost Keys Thanks to MYNT

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102 thoughts on “No More Lost Keys Thanks to MYNT

  1. I would really like to have one of these for my keys. I have also seen the one that you can attach to your phone.

  2. whoa. Just in my life time computers werent believed to be very popular in the home. Now everyone has some sort of computer. The internet was believed to be a fad. Computers were so big at one point you couldnt fit them in your home now they fit in your hand.

  3. I don’t tend to loose things, but my husband is another story. He is always misplacing keys. This would make his life (and mine) a lot easier.

  4. This would be such a lifesaver! It gets dark SO early now, and it can be easy to accidentally drop or somehow lose one’s keys in the snow.

  5. wow i would give this as a gift to my parents they lose EVERYTHING my mom lost her ring and her keys before and found them in the FREEZER they definitely need this

  6. I’m always losing my keys, the weirdest place I ever lost them was in an umbrella. It somehow got into the folded umbrella. I like to have never found them.

  7. This would be awesome! I would really like one for my phone. This would be a great gift for someone who loses their keys regularly

  8. Twice, I lost my keys when my husband was out of town. My sister had to drive down with her set of our keys…it was such an inconvenience for everyone! Mynt has a great concept here.

  9. I especially like that you can leave it in your car to locate where you are parked. This sure would come in handy when shopping during the holiday season or when you park in the city.

  10. I was stuck at Walmart for more than two hours while I searched for my keys. It was so frustrating. I sure wish I would have had mynt.

  11. This is a great gift idea. My kids and even my husband are always misplacing keys and phones. It drives me crazy.

  12. Sounds like a good device, and helpful. I like how it can be attached to a dogs collar also. This would be a good gift.

  13. This would be great to have. Sometimes we are so distracted when we get home that it is easy to misplace our keys.

  14. I could really use this. I tend to just drop my keys at the most convenient spot instead of choosing a designated spot and always using it. I always have to check my purse 5 or 10 minutes before I need to leave just in case I have to search for my keys.

  15. My mother could really use this. She is always losing her keys. Whenever we go somewhere we have to i’ll help her search for her keys

  16. Wow such a cool gadget! This was a great invention because everyone I know has at one time or another lost their keys. I love this!

  17. What a wonderful idea! I’ve got a bad habit of putting down my keys and forgetting them, so I’d definitely get some use out of this.

  18. I am horrible with forgetting where my keys are and where my car is. it is like every day. So this is fantastic. I need this.

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