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2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches received products from these brands to facilitate this 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide posting. No monetary compensation was exchanged. Opinions stated, are those of the authors.

Well, COVID-19 had thrown everything out of kilter.  Christmas in July, here at Beautiful Touches, came and went, but it’s still jingly bells time in August!  Here are some great finds that we hope you enjoy as much as we have. Shop early this year, so that you aren’t rushed during the busiest season of all. Get those presents bought and wrapped ahead of time, so you have more time to enjoy the holidays with family and friends.

Welcome to the 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide!


Feltman Brothers  – Exquisitely sewn and hand embroidered heirloom-quality baby wear.

Feltman Brothers -
Dress your little ones in the best from Feltman Brothers – Classic Knit Cardigan, Velour Collection, Velour Holiday Tree Hat, and Velour Holiday Tree Romper

I am never disappointed when it comes to the beautiful pieces that Feltman Brothers has to offer. The craftsmanship is up the utmost quality and each item is worthy of being saved and passed down from generation to generation. Precious outfits and single pieces for babies and toddlers.  Collections for special occasions, and more. Plan ahead and be ready for that perfect holiday photo opportunity with your little ones…in a gorgeous outfit from Feltman Brothers!

From Feltman Brothers

Feltman Brothers offers a distinctive collection of finely crafted, classic styled clothing and accessories for the little loved ones in your lives. Their products are available in sizes newborn to toddler. Founded in 1916, Feltman’s has a long history of providing high quality, exquisitely styled, hand embroidered clothing for baby boys and girls. The Feltman Brothers collection began with our line of hand-made dresses and because of its soaring popularity, we soon expanded to include Christening gownsrompersbubblesbody suitsbootiesbonnetsblankets, and more. Most things change over the years, but at least one thing remains true to its glorious start. All of the Feltman outfits are created with the same workmanship as in 1916. There is simply no replacement for the kind of hand detailing used in our vintage styled baby clothing collection. We are proud to continue offering you the very best for your baby.

Feltman’s provides the world with authentic and timeless fashion for babies in classic tradition. This reputation is the result of a strong commitment to quality, incomparable fabrics, exclusive designs, and attention to detail. Feltman products reflect the elegance of vintage styling for children from newborn through toddler, for babies take-home attire, layette needs, sacred occasion gowns and accessories, holiday wear, and special occasion wear.

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Premium Joy – Quality Foam Toys

What could be more traditional for the toddler “scene” than blocks…but these aren’t just any ordinary blocks, these are soft foam building blocks. Safe for the little ones AND for your furniture and home decor!

Premium Joy - 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Foam Floor Puzzles, Floor Puzzle Play Mats, Counting Color Cubes, and Building Blocks Set from Premium Joy.

From Premium Joy

Premium Joy brand offers the highest quality of kids foam toys including floor puzzles, color cubes, building blocks, and puzzle play mats.

Toward the end of 2015, our founder came upon some very interesting jigsaw puzzles made from foam at a toy store in the Middle East. Those kids’ puzzles had beautiful designs, vibrant colors, and were made of very high quality foam. And several kids in his neighborhood and society seemed to like these cute toys, including his own 4-year-old son.
These puzzles were made in Taiwan, located in East Asia. It is a highly developed country that’s known for high quality products. At the time, the US toy market seemed to be pretty much deprived of this kind of beauty, vibrancy and quality, when it comes to children foam products especially floor puzzles. So, the idea came up to sell foam toys in the US.
That vision was born into life and called “Premium Joy” brand.

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Iron Flask

High quality stainless steel water bottles and tumblers (and accessories), in a beautiful array of colors.  They come in multiple size with several options. GREAT for the whole family. These will not disappoint and have kept our beverages icy cold for hours at a time! Easy to shop for…they even let you know which bottles and tumblers are “cup holder” friendly.

Iron Flask - 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Gorgeous Tumbler and Water Bottles that will keep your drinks cold for hours. So many styles, sizes and lids/ tops, to choose from. LOVE that the Retro water bottles come with a bottle brush, and the tumblers come with both plastic & stainless steel straws (one straight and one bent), and a brush to keep those straws clean.

From Iron Flask

We were inspired by the opportunity to reduce plastic waste while helping people stay hydrated. Reusable vacuum insulated bottles like ours help decrease plastic use and keep your beverages at ideal temperatures for hours!
Now, we are not the only company out there selling vacuum insulated bottles, so why would we want to enter an already busy marketplace? Because we believe that premium products also need to be affordable, that’s why every Iron Flask comes with 3 lids included and a lifetime warranty.
Yes, you can have an elegant, durable, high-quality vacuum insulated water bottle without breaking the bank … that’s why we exist
Keep adventuring. Stay hydrated. And remember: you got this!
The Iron Flask team

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Bleuet – Ultra-Soft Bras, Camisoles,  and Tumble Shorts…Designed for Girls

Perfect for Tweens and young Teens.  Super Soft, and just right for growing bodies.

Bleuet - 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Several styles of Bras, Camisoles, and Tumble Shorts…Bleuet offers ultra-soft comfort designed especially for tweens and young teens.

From Bleuet

Tired of searching for quality, comfortable, age-appropriate bras for your girl? We were! And that’s why we launched Bleuet to offer tween and teen girls undergarments designed for their age and to support their growing bodies. You won’t find lacy, racy or extra padded bras here! We believe she needs Bleuet (Blue-ay) and not lingerie. We also want to support you in your parenting journey by providing helpful info and community as you navigate the ups and downs of her transition from childhood to adolescence. We’re in this together!

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TWO MICE IN NEW YORK…A Holiday Adventure

This is the newest Two Mice book, by author Donna Dalton (illustrated by David Pfendler).  Following the success of Two Mice at the Eiffle Tower, and Two Mice in London.  Storytelling at it’s best…fun, informative, and with adorable illustrations.  Kids will learn “Life lessons” and get to know the cities. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading them (with or without the grand-kids in attendance)!

Two Mice in New York...A Holiday Adventure - 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Delightful Books by Donna Dalton – Illustrated by David Pfendler TWO MICE In NEW YORK – A Holiday Adventure, TWO MICE in LONDON, TWO MICE at the Eiffel Tower

About the books:

Two Mice at the Eiffel Tower (2019)

A mouse has never visited the top of the Eiffel Tower, let alone two mice.  Join Azura and Afrodille as they take a special tour of Paris, France, with their companion, Madame Bella.  The two mice create a plan to see the entire city from the top of the famous landmark, but will it actually work?  Enjoy an adventure that incorporates communication, critical thinking,  creativity, and collaboration skills.  Graphic artist, David Pfendler, brings these French characters to life and creates magnificent illustrations of Paris and the Eiffel Tower.

Two Mice in London (2019)

Two Mice in London takes Afrodille and Azura on a trip to London, England, to see the grand sights of Big Ben, The London Eye, and Buckingham Palace.  The two French mice are reunited with Madame Bella and have a secret plan to meet the Queen!  How will the mice get beyond the guards who protect the Queen’s palace to finally meet her?  Readers will not want to miss this London adventure filled with problem-solving and creativity.

Two Mice in New York: A Holiday Adventure (2020)

Two MIce in New York takes Afrodille and Azura to visit New York City to celebrate the holidays of Thanksgiving,  Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years.  Upon arrival, the two mice discover the star to the famous Rockefeller Christmas Tree is missing.  Join the two French mice and Madame Bella as they make stops at Times Square, The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and The Empire State Building in search of clues to find the missing star.  The traveling companions even enlist the help of Frankie, a cool subway rat, and his rat pack to help in the search.  Enjoy an adventure that celebrates a  message of love, peace, hope, joy, and goodwill.

About the Author:

Author, Donna Dalton, is an educator of 40 years and is the former Chief Academic Officer for Chesterfield County Schools in Richmond, Virginia.  Donna has taught at the elementary, secondary, and graduate levels.  She graduated from Virginia Tech and earned her Masters from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2000.  Donna lives with her husband, Bob, and is a mother and grandmother who loves to travel.  Donna’s books are always dedicated to her two grandchildren, Tyler (age 9) and Kinsley (age 7).

Donna’s readers most recently generously donated 70 copies of Two Mice in New York: A Holiday Adventure to nurses on the frontline of Covid in New York City.

The idea for Two Mice at the Eiffel Tower came from a visit to Paris over 20 years ago.  While sitting on the park bench near the Eiffel Tower, Donna noticed tiny grey mice scurrying around the bushes.  She looked at her husband and said, “Someday I am going to write a children’s book about this!”  Donna kept this vision alive and finally made her dream come true after retirement.  You are never too old to give up on your dreams and become an author!

About the Illustrator:

David Pfendler, a corn-fed Ohio native, was a one-time premed student and fashion designer. His images are created digitally, yet maintain a loose, hand-drawn feel. He has a fresh, graphic style that is well-suited for editorial and advertising. One of his great loves is working on childrens’ books and graphic novels. The story is always the catalyst for his creativity and signature style.

Books are published by Creative Minds Publications; Editor:  Kathryn Starke

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RIO Brands – Rio Beach

Great products for the beach and backyard fun!. These are the best of the best.  We have been using RIO Brands Total Sunblock Extreme Shade Umbrellas for years, and they have never failed us. Now that we are back in Sunny Florida, they are even more essential.  For those of us in the Southern States, we can celebrate outside for most of the year…so bring on the fresh air and sunshine!

RIO Brands /Rio Beach - 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
From Insulated Cooler Bags, to Backpack Beach Chairs, to Extreme Shade Total Sunblock Umbrellas…and so much more. RIO Brands / RIO Beach has just what you need for outdoor fun all year round!

From RIO Brands

Capture the Spirit of good times and relaxation at the beach and at home with RIO Brands’ beach and outdoor furniture.
A 70 year old family business, founded in 1947, we believe in bringing fashion and quality to beach and backyard furniture. We focus our efforts to translate high-end designer looks in ready-to-wear and sportswear into trend-right fashions that work for outdoor and beach furniture. Teams of designers and trend analysts are always on the hunt for next season’s color, fashion statement or eye-catching icon.
We develop products that are innovatively and accurately aligned with what we know people want to buy. Since its inception, the company has been committed to service, quality and innovation. We are innovators and build our products to the highest quality standards in the industry. In addition to our core brands; Rio Beach, Rio Creations and Rio Gear, we also manufacture and distributes outdoor furniture for the Tommy Bahama and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville brands.

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Simple Satch – Stylish PPE Kits

Whether we like it or not, it’s become our new normal (don’t you just hate that phrase).  Simple Satch has made it easy to always have Personal Protective Equipment on hand, and stylishly so. These kits contain everything you need to “grab and go”. Tucked inside each belt bag is a beautiful washable non-medical face mask (with soft elastic adjustable ear loops with toggle to allow for added comfort), PM2.5 filter, Pack of 15 antibacterial wipes, and Two-ounce hand sanitizer. And, of course, Simple Satch has refills that you can purchase!

Simple Satch - 2020 Christmas in August Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
This sleek belt bag is designed to stash your personal items and proper hygienic essentials. Simple Satch’s patent-pending design features a rubber port where sanitation wipes can be pulled making wiping and swiping a breeze. Functional, stylish, and convenient – we hope The Starter Kit by Simple Satch helps you conquer life in the new normal and beyond with confidence. The four-in-one sporty bag comes with: (1) Adult non-medical face mask (1) PM2.5 filter (1) Pack of 15 antibacterial wipes (1) Two-ounce hand sanitizer This portable kit is the perfect item to help protect you while running errands, working out, going to the park with kids and more!

From Simple Satch

Making safety stylish with an all-in-one belt bag for a girl on-the-go.

Physical and mental wellness is a core part of our lives. We love hot yoga, exercise classes, and meditation. Together, we came up with the concept of creating bags intended to assist with simple and easy cleanliness and hygiene. As women constantly on the move, we knew the “gal on-the-go” needed a stylish bag to use every day, from the front lines to the boardroom, or a mom raising kids.  When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we spent endless hours on virtual meetings creating Simple Satch, the ultimate hands-free sanitizing kit to help you tackle the new normal.

I love that Simple Satch is a company that “GIVES BACK”!

Simple Satch is dedicated to positively impacting those in need. Personalizing the donation aspect of a customer’s purchase experience is a priority for Simple Satch. 10 percent of all revenue from products sold on go directly to charity and we want our customers to confidentially know what their gift of gratitude is supporting. By teaming up with Givz, a company that simplifies the giving experience, customers have a turnkey option at the end of checkout to donate 10 percent of their purchase to more than 1.6 million charities, including The Child Mind InstituteCity Harvest, and amfAR, Simple Satch’s charity partners. In addition, with each purchase of the Simple Satch Starter Kit or the Belt Bag, we will be giving complimentary iron-on patches to bedazzle your belt bag.  We can’t wait to see you representing the charity of your choice!

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WAMA – Hemp Undies

Underwear, like shoes, are foundations in our clothing…and if they aren’t comfortable, then we aren’t comfortable! Check out what WAMA has to offer. Styles for men and women made from hemp fabric, which is naturally anti-bacterial.  Breathable, and gets softer with each wash.  Organic AND eco-friendly, so you’re doing your part while keeping “your parts” comfy!



Our mission is to pioneer the hemp underwear industry by making the best hemp undies in the world and constantly improving the fit, function and design. During this process we hope to bring more awareness to hemp as an option for clothing, especially underwear.

As we were studying hemp textiles we learned that hemp fabric has many benefits like being naturally anti-bacterial, super soft and breathable. We quickly realized that the best application for hemp fabric would be hemp underwear and that’s how WAMA was born.

We started from scratch creating our unique hemp fabric. We had a rigorous and super long design process because we wouldn’t accept anything less than perfect. For most this would be their first experience with hemp underwear so we obsessed on every detail from the stitches, pattern pieces, colors and overall design. We want everyone’s first experience with hemp underwear to be nothing short of amazing!

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