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2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

Disclaimer: Beautiful Touches may have received items from some of the brands below to facility this posting as part of our Gift Ideas and Buying Guides.  No monetary compensation has been exchanged. All opinions are those stated by the author. 

Welcome one and all to the 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide


Lead by a team of moms, who happen to be dermatologists, Evereden has a line of skin care products specially designed for mom and baby. All made with pure plant-based ingredients of the highest quality. Multi-benefit botanicals with NO Sulfates, NO Phthalates, NO Phenoxyethanol, NO Parabens, NO Petrolatum, and NO Synthetic Fragrances!

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Evereden - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Skin Care for Mom and Baby

Info from Evereden

Pure products for precious, growing skin…

Evereden is meticulously formulated by a team of Ivy League dermatologists. As doctors, we have high standards. As moms, our standards are even higher. We’re just as thoughtful about the what we leave out of our products, as what we put in — sourcing only the most effective plant-based ingredients, and rigorously testing for efficacy. The results: a new generation of children’s skincare that’s safe, strict, and 100% non-toxic.

For Mom

  • Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream
  • Firming and Lifting Lotion
  • Multi-Purpose Healing Lotion
  • Soothing Belly Masks

For Baby

  • Nourishing Baby Face Cream
  • Soothing Baby Massage Oil
  • Soothing Diaper Rash Cream
  • Baby Shampoo & Body Wash
  • Baby Moisturizing Lotions
  • Baby Lip Balm
  • Foaming Baby Shampoo & Wash
  • Multi-Purpose Healing Balm

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Bamboo Bamboo

It is always possible to make parents happy with gifts that ease the baby care or baby feeding process overall. Children tend to throw everything away while eating and this can cause a lot of mess, which is why there are specially made suction plates for babies to prevent this from happening. When opting for baby tableware, always choose the ones which are made from organic materials. Add some cuteness to the bundle and be sure that parents will be absolutely amazed at this gift as it is very helpful in the long run.


Know for it’s Nursing Pillows…Boppy is sooooo much more!  Their lineup includes:

Info from Boppy

The Boppy Pillow, the original, beloved nursing pillow has been voted best nursing pillow by moms in Baby Bests Awards for 19 years.
Founded in 1989, The Boppy Company is the world leader and expert in creating comfortable, supportive and award-winning products for mom and baby. To date, Boppy® Products have won over 50 awards and continue to be named must-have products around the world. Most well-known as the maker of the world’s original nursing pillow, the iconic Boppy® Feeding and Infant Support Pillow, The Boppy Company has expanded into skincare, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding accessories, baby loungers, baby clothing and plush goods, baby travel products, nursery products and baby seats.

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Dorothy Lane Market – Home of the Killer Brownie ®

So, you’re going to have a virtual baby shower, and need treats for all the attendees…send them each a package of Killer Brownies from Dorothy Lane Maket! And if you want to brighten any of the guys that might be attending…maybe a bottle of awesome Barbecue Sauce might fit the bill!  Want to gift the new parents with something special? A Dinner for Two would be most appreciated.

Dorothy Lane Market
FromKiller Brownies, to Meal Kits, Barbecue Sauces, Gifts, and so much more…shop for all things tasty at Dorothy Lane Market.

From Dorothy Lane Market

Friendly food stores in southern Ohio featuring artisan breads, organic produce, natural meats, and famous Killer Brownie®

Est. in 1948, we’re a locally owned, operated specialty grocer with three locations in Ohio, and a Culinary Center. We aim to provide the best food experiences both in stores and online.

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The Ollie World – Home of the Smarter Swaddle ™

Swaddling is an age old art, that not all can master.  With the Ollie ® Swaddle anyone can easily, safely and effectively swaddle a baby!  Beautiful colors, high quality fabric…and happy baby!

The Ollie World - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide


From The Ollie World

My story begins in 2008 when I fell in love with an infant named Oliver. He was handsome, and yet on the verge of being labeled “failure to thrive.” Other foster parents struggled with keeping Oliver because he was difficult, struggling to eat and sleep. But I was in love, and so I began my journey to help Oliver thrive.

My experience in infant mental health had acquainted me with the timeless technique of swaddling. However, to both my and Oliver’s distress, the swaddles available on the market didn’t seem to help. They either didn’t hold him correctly, were not strong enough to apply a comforting pressure, or they left his legs unwrapped. So my mission to help Oliver took a new turn as I searched for a swaddle which would meet all of Oliver’s needs.

The answer finally came when I created a new type of swaddle. One which would move with him through the night, keep a comforting pressure from his shoulders to his feet, and which would help keep him cool. When I started wrapping my little Ollie in the new swaddle, I began to see dramatic changes. He began to sleep through the night, eating and gaining weight. Most importantly, he began to catch up with developmental milestones which he had missed. Ollie began to thrive!

This change led to a happy ending for Ollie. In 2009 he was adopted by a loving family. Since then, I have been working with a great team to develop a quality swaddle which could be shared with families everywhere. This is the swaddle which you purchased today, The Ollie, named after my little love.

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Feltman Brothers  – Exquisitely sewn and hand embroidered heirloom-quality baby wear.

There is nothing quite as special as a new baby…honor the new parents with a beautiful outfit that they will treasure, and that will be handed down from generation to generation. Just in time for the cooler months…check out their Velour Collection.

Feltman Brothers
From elegant Dresses, Bobby Suites and Take Me Home Gowns, to Booties and Bonnets. Feltman Bothers has the most beautiful vintage classic styles


From Feltman Brothers

Feltman Brothers offers a distinctive collection of finely crafted, classic styled clothing and accessories for the little loved ones in your lives. Their products are available in sizes newborn to toddler. Founded in 1916, Feltman’s has a long history of providing high quality, exquisitely styled, hand embroidered clothing for baby boys and girls. The Feltman Brothers collection began with our line of hand-made dresses and because of its soaring popularity, we soon expanded to include Christening gownsrompersbubblesbody suitsbootiesbonnetsblankets, and more. Most things change over the years, but at least one thing remains true to its glorious start. All of the Feltman outfits are created with the same workmanship as in 1916. There is simply no replacement for the kind of hand detailing used in our vintage styled baby clothing collection. We are proud to continue offering you the very best for your baby.

Feltman’s provides the world with authentic and timeless fashion for babies in classic tradition. This reputation is the result of a strong commitment to quality, incomparable fabrics, exclusive designs, and attention to detail. Feltman products reflect the elegance of vintage styling for children from newborn through toddler, for babies take-home attire, layette needs, sacred occasion gowns and accessories, holiday wear, and special occasion wear.

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Awesome bibs dual purpose bibs, pacifier clips, plush PaciPals and PaciPal Teether Blankets, masks, and accessories.

BooginHead - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Bandana Teether Bibs, PaciGrip LUXE, Matching Masks and Bibs, PaciPals, SplatMat High Chair Mats , Reusable Baby Food Pouches

Info From BooginHead

Get a Grip on Parenthood with stylish baby essentials! BooginHead is passionate about solving the little things – keeping pacifiers clean and close, keeping sippy cups and blankets off the dirty floor, and making life just a little easier for parents around the world.

BooginHead makes infant and toddler feeding and soothing accessories that will fit easily into your lifestyle and improve your experience of parenthood by saving you money, time, and energy.

Now more than ten years in business, BooginHead products are well-loved by parents everywhere for their unmatched high-quality construction, stylish patterns, versatility, and attractive price.

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Erika’s Tea Room 

Erika’s Tea Room is a lovely place to spend a few hours with family or friends…and let’s now forget the tea and scones! But, sadly, many can no longer be out and about, but not to worry!

Erika's Tea Room - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide

From Erika’s Tea Room

Virtual Baby Shower Tea Parties: You can easily order a Baby Shower Tea Party – In A Box! Customized catering of flavorful teas and delicious scones will make any Baby Shower a big hit with a High Tea & Scone Experience. You can have a special Tea & Scones Party Box sent directly to all of your invited guests, before you all log-in together for your virtual baby shower.

With the ongoing diverse pandemic challenge, Erika’s is now set up to quickly ship High Tea & Scones Gift Sets with assorted 6 to 12 packs or more of freshly baked scones and a variety of teas. Tea & Scones will always arrive in a beautiful gift box with easy-to-follow instructions.

If face to face with social distancing, you can also add your own decorations, finger sandwiches and other fun foods. Erika’s Tea Room Scones can also create customized smaller take-home Baby Shower Gifts for everyone who attends your party!

Baby Shower Tea Party Gifts:  Whether your baby shower will be with safe social distancing or virtual, Erika’s Tea Room Scones of Clermont, Florida offers ‘High Tea & Scones’ in special gift boxes. Many ‘moms to be’, ‘new moms’ and sophisticated women will truly enjoy a delicious gift box of tea and scones! Teas are very relaxing and soothing for pregnant women!

Popular with their new online purchasing 24/7/365 … for fun virtual get-togethers with girlfriends, special events, birthdays, anniversaries, mother-daughter connections, retirement celebrations, year-end holidays and as a very different thoughtful ‘thank you’ gift any day of the year; their fresh custom made scone gift sets are made with a variety of regular, gluten-free and sugar-free flavors. Tea & Scones will always arrive in a beautiful gift box with easy-to-follow instructions.

Virtual Baby Shower Tea Parties: Whether face-to-face or with safe ‘Social Distancing; Baby Shower Parties are possible to entertain with your friends or for a special High Tea Party – by having High Tea & Scone Party Gift Sets shipped to everyone you want, before you set a date for everyone in your party to meet online.

High Tea & Scone Gift Sets: Besides their most popular flavor favorites listed on their website, they will also be happy to customize any High Tea & Scone Gift Package with a variety of scone flavors for all of the special family, friends and co-workers in your life!  High Tea & Scone Gift Sets also make a wonderful new corporate gift idea for special occasions, new clients, real estate sales and year-end holidays. They just launched 12 yummy new flavors!

Customized High Tea & Scones Gift Sets: Erika’s is set up to quickly ship High Tea & Scones Gift Sets with assorted 6 to 12 packs or more of freshly baked scones and a variety of teas. Scones arrive in a handsome gift box with easy-to-follow instructions. For those who really wish to splurge their tea experiences with some extra panache, they also offer fabulous tea sets and tea accessories from their wonderful international giftware collection. More complete High Tea, Scone & Gift Sets are available in any price range from $135 to $250+ with tea pots, tea cups and accessories!

Try Fabulous Florida Famous Scones! Erika’s Tea Room of Clermont successfully creates, bakes and ships thousands of their delicious ‘Florida Famous Scones’ from the Erika’s Tea Room kitchen. Their delicious scones are always made with fresh, high quality natural ingredients! Erika’s Tea Room Scones offers ‘High Tea & Scones’ in special gift boxes.

To Order High Tea & Scones For Your Virtual Parties contact Erika’s Tea Room, located at 787 West Montrose Street, Clermont, FL 34711 USA. Phone: 908-670-2305, email: [email protected] or visit:


Boiron – World leader in homeopathic medicines.

Boiron has an entire line just for baby….Camilia® Liquid Doses for Teething, ColdCalm® Liquid Doses for Cold Symptoms, and ColicComfort Liquid Doses (formerly Cocyntal®) for Colic. All are packaged in “single doses” so you never have to worry about giving the wrong amount!


Boiron - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Boiron Baby Line – Homeopathic Single Dose Packaging for Teething Relief, Colic, and Cold Symptoms.

Camilia® Single-Use Liquid Doses

Camilia relieves baby teething symptoms such as painful gums, irritability, and minor digestive disorders sometimes associated with teething.* It’s made with plant-based active ingredients including German chamomile (Chamomila officinalis). Simply squeeze the small pre-measured dose into the baby’s mouth. The clear and tasteless liquid isabsorbed sublingually. The hygienic, individual dose offers convenience and portability and helps prevent contamination. This medicine is free of benzocaine, preservatives, flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. Unlike general pain relievers or anesthetics that numb pain, Camilia consists of homeopathic medicines traditionally used for baby teething relief. The targeted action does not numb the baby’s gag reflex or interfere with nursing. Camilia won’t mask important symptoms that could lead to an early diagnosis of a more serious condition. Recommended for babies 1 month of age and older, Camilia is available over the counter in boxes of 15 and 30 pre-measured liquid doses. (

ColdCalm® Single-Use Liquid Doses

Boiron ColdCalm Liquid Doses relieve common cold symptoms including sneezing, runny nose, and nasal congestion.* Simply squeeze the small, pre-measured liquid dose into the child’s mouth. Recommended for children 6 months of age and older, the clear and tasteless liquid is absorbed sublingually. The hygienic individual dose helps to prevent contamination and is preservative-free. It is also free of flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar, and artificial sweeteners. This homeopathic multi-symptom children’s cold relief medicine does not contain any of the ingredients questioned by FDA for use in young children. It won’t mask symptoms of a more serious condition.

ColicComfort® Single-Use Liquid Doses

ColicComfort relieves baby colic symptoms, including gas pain and irritability.* Simply squeeze the small pre-measured dose into the mouth of a gassy baby with colicky pain. The clear and tasteless liquid isabsorbed sublingually. The hygienic, individual dose offers convenience and portability and helps prevent contamination. It is also free of preservatives, flavors, dyes, lactose, sugar, or artificial sweeteners. ColicComfort won’t mask important symptoms of a fussy baby that could lead to an early diagnosis of a more serious condition. This homeopathic medicine is recommended for babies 1 month of age and older, and is available in boxes of 30 pre-measured doses.

*Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated.

From Boiron

At Boiron, we believe there’s more than one way to feel better — a way that works with your body, not against it. We encourage you to choose wellness by choosing us. And we honor your choice with medicines made from Earth’s best resources.
In 1932, twin brothers and pharmacists Jean and Henri Boiron set out to develop a way to prepare reliable homeopathic medicines for their patients. Today, as world leader in homeopathic medicines, Boiron continues as an independent pharmaceutical laboratory that prides itself on quality manufacturing and responsible environmental practices. It’s still operated by the Boiron family who continues to be passionate about integrating the benefits of homeopathic medicine into daily life.
Boiron is best known for its top-selling flu medicine, Oscillococcinum®, and its Arnicare® line of pain relievers. With subsidiaries in 19 countries, Boiron distributes products in more than 50 countries in categories such as analgesics, cough, cold, flu, first aid, baby and children’s, eye care, indigestion, and women’s health. Its medicines are available in a wide variety of dosage forms including tablets, gels, ointments, creams, syrups, eye drops, single-use liquid doses, suppositories, and pellets. Learn more at

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BOWLS...The BEST Ice Cream Bowlz Ever

Mom and dad desert a treat…and ice cream always hits the spot. Keep yours ice cold in the most awesome bowl ever!

BOWLZ are made with the highest quality Stainless Steel – FOREVERBOND ® Coating, Resists Corrosion, Scratching, and Denting, Double Wall Insulation, BPA Free , No Odors or Flavors


We decided to build an animation sequence that explained how BOWLZ are built. This is our initial final version. It explains everything how our bowls are created. We use the best stainless steel and use Foreverbond Coating to create more insulation and a durable exterior. If you ever wanted the perfect bowl here it is. Cold Stays Cold | Hot Stays Hot.

By signing up, you will have preferred first-round access to super discounts and early delivery. We will be offering a limited number of discounts for each level. When they are gone, THEY ARE GONE!

Learn More about and Sign Up for preferred first-round access to BOWLS: Website 


Crafty Mask

Big bothers and sisters are heading back to school, and as far as I’m concerned – these are pure genius.  Making masks fun!  As far as I know, all brick and mortar education is requiring masks to be worn by students at all times. Crafty Mask helps to make this “new normal” easier for our kids.

Crafty Mask - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
EachCrafty Mask™️ has 7 protective, breathable, and comfy masks designed for faces with little features and 7 nontoxic, wash-out markers with colors from the rainbow! Simply toss in the washing machine after each use so kids can have a fresh canvas to create on. Crafty Mask’s™️ engineered durability offers premium protection for over 30 washes and comes in two sizes to fit any age.

From Crafty Mask

The most effective way to modify children’s behavior is to engage them in behavior they enjoy, thus changing the narrative. Enter Crafty Mask™–an interactive activity that moves the child into a creative mindset where they’ll have fun.

Free Shipping if you Pre-Order BEFORE September 1, 2020!

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KeaBabies – All things for baby (and a they didn’t leave out mom)!

The Ezee Diaper Mat provides the perfect alternative to carrying a bulky diaper bag on those short walks or quick trips to the store.. Made to be slim, lightweight, and compact, it’s essential for modern mamas on the go! Includes a detachable strap and doubles as a carrying pouch to store your keys & phone.
KeaBabies - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Sometimes, we just want to bring our baby for a short walk in the park or a short trip to the mall. It’s a hassle to pack a huge & heavy diaper bag just for a few hours out of the house. Say hello to your EZEE Diaper Mat By KeaBabies. Made to be slim, lightweight and compact, it’s the perfect essential for modern parents. Comes with detachable strap, so you can choose to hang it on your arm or stroller. It’s modern, versatile and functional.

Info from KeaBabies

Our mission to inspire modern parents to build strong parent-child bonds and create wonderful moments together. We believe that through strong parent-child bonds, parents can create a loving & inspiring environment to nurture their child’s full potential.

We share our joy and passion for parenthood in every KeaBabies’ creation, turning inspiration into reality through our thoughtfully designed products that are crafted with love and dedication.
We add a little magic to your parenthood adventures.

We do our best in every way to make your KeaBabies experience memorable. Uncover your KeaBabies experience with joy and love. Every message is right from our hearts to yours. Every blessing is from our family to yours.

For all your baby needs – Baby Carriers, Diaper Bags, Diaper Caddies, Socks, Headbands, Burp Cloths. Nursing Pads, Maternity Belts and so much more…head on over to KeaBabies today.

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Amazing Baby SmartNappy by SwaddleDesigns

SmartNappy - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
SmartNappy NextGen Hybrid Diaper is the most innovative and best-designed baby diaper available. Years of design, development, and testing with parents, pediatricians and babies were invested to create the best diaper.

These are sort of genius…A reusable diaper system. Adorable covers and absorbent inserts (reusable or disposable options). Super Soft and Super ADORABLE.  For babies from 5 lbs. to 40 lbs. Choose from cotton muslin designs or Blue Jeans….sooooooo CUTE!  Easy care – Machine Wash and Dry.

Info from SwaddleDesigns

  • BABY SOFT COTTON KNIT Diaper Cover with swoop notch. SmartNappy NextGen Hybrid Diaper Cover with ADVANCED LEAK PROTECTION features Double Guard – the only baby diaper with 2 water resistant fabric layers and 2 elasticized barriers.
  • 2 REUSABLE INSERTS – One Tri-Fold and One Booster. Slim, highly absorbent with Stay Dry Feel top layer wicks away liquid for baby’s comfort. Tri-Fold holds 8 ounces, Booster holds 3 ounces. EASY TO WASH and QUICK DRY. Doctor Recommended.
  • POCKET-SLING water resistant fabric layer with elasticized barrier is compatible with SmartNappy REUSABLE inserts and DISPOSABLE inserts.
  • GREAT FIT AND PURE SOFTNESS FOR BABY’S COMFORT. EasyTab hook-and-loop fasteners feature patented soft touch tabs to protect baby’s skin, and fasten securely with adjustable fit. No cumbersome snaps to adjust. No sagging and no extra bulk.
  • SMART FOR BABY. SMART FOR PARENTS. SMART FOR OUR PLANET. Fits your lifestyle by supporting REUSABLE or DISPOSABLE inserts. Easy to use at home and on the go. Patented design.

For the SmartNappy, Swaddles, Swaddle Sacks, Blankets, and more…head on over to SwaddleDesigns today.

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Upfront Cosmetics

Yes, I know…sometimes it’s hard for new parents to have time to hit the showers, but when you do. give these a try. Shampoo and Conditioner Bars made with natural essential oils.  No Animal Testing, Paraben Free, Sulphate Free, No Synthetic Fragrances, and Vegan. Skip the bottles and use the bars! Great for your hair & great for the planet.

Upfront Cosmetics - 2020 Virtual Baby Shower Gift Ideas and Buying Guide
Check out all the Shampoo and Conditioner Bars from Upfront Cosmetics. We tried the Hydrating Hemp Bars that you can find HERE and HEREEach 65g bar replaces up to 3 bottles. Recommended for: All hair types. Aroma:  Earthy undertones with notes of Patchouli, Palmrosa, Cedarwood and Vetiver. To comply with current Canadian standards – these bars do NOT include any CBD or THC content.

Info from Upfront Cosmetics


We take an active, unbiased, and curious approach to everything we do. We do the research, so you don’t have to, and we’ll always make the truth of our creations accessible for your discovery and understanding. We are committed to minimizing the needless waste associated with brand packaging. We respect your right to transparency and that’s why we make products with real ingredients that truly work.


Our concern for health and beauty extends far beyond us to the very life source that supplies us with every ingredient. Our products contain no sulphates, no parabens, and no synthetic fragrance in an industry that is extremely under-regulated. We take pride in knowing where our every ingredient comes from – whether a plant, a mineral, a laboratory or some combination – and we pride ourselves on sourcing the best possible ingredients.


Plastic waste is becoming one of the most concerning challenges of our time and making changes to reduce the way we consume products is one way to create a lasting impact on our precious environment. Globally, we buy one million plastic water bottles per minute – and 91% of that plastic is not recycled.

Each Upfront shampoo or conditioner bar replaces up to 3 bottles of packaged alternatives, minimizing waste and ecological impact. We always ship your order plastic-free and in compostable mailers. Together, we can make and impact one bar at a time.

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