It Summer So Let’s Have a Picnic!

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Summertime means picnics!  Lots of fun, but often they can be a bit of a dilemma.  What do we pack our goodies in?  How to we keep the bugs away?  What can we do to keep the kiddos busy when they aren’t eating? Today I have the answer to all three!

Easy Lunchboxes

First – let’s tackle packing the food. I love EasyLunchboxes.  They make for perfect breakfast lunch and dinner offerings.  Everyone can have their own meals, tucked inside an easy to pack container, that goes right in the dishwasher once you get home. Bright, colorful and just the right size for young and old alike. I’ve been using these handy dandy containers for years and they are the BEST. Not just for picnics, but for home / office / travel and best of all – portion control.  These make meal prep a breeze! I’ve also had the great pleasure of meeting Kelly Lester, the Creator and CEO of EasyLunchboxes and she is more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Need ideas on what to pack?  Head on over to her Gallery of Lunch Ideas – for 1,000’s of photos of meals, sent in my EasyLunchboxes fans!

It Summer So Let's Have a Picnic!
Easy Lunchboxes
  • For Kids & Adults
  • Easy-Open, Kid-Friendly Lids
  • Not Leakproof
  • No BPA, Lead, Vinyl or PVC
  • Pack Perfect Portions
  • Affordable, Durable & Eco-Friendly
  • Fewer Pieces, More Function
  • Easy Prep, Easy Cleanup
  • Nesting Containers Save Space
  • Safe for Freezer, Dishwasher and Microwave
  • Washable Cooler Bag
It Summer So Let's Have a Picnic!
New Snack Boxes from EasyLunchboxes

About EasyLunchboxes

EasyLunchboxes was born out of Kelly’s innate ability to do things efficiently while on a shoestring budget, and her desire to send her daughters to school with a nutritious lunch, without wasteful packaging. Her past struggle with weight control inspired her to teach and model healthy eating habits for her children, and continues to fuel her passion for helping people EASILY pack simple, delicious meals to go.

As a creative mom who knows how to makeover a lunch box, Kelly has been seen across the country in TV news segments featuring this topic.

EasyLunchboxes have become so popular that there are now many copycat versions and even counterfeit ones on the market. Purchase via this website or READ THIS in order to be sure you are receiving genuine EasyLunchboxes.

It Summer So Let's Have a Picnic!
Kelly Lester – Actress,Singer, Author – Creator and CEO of EasyLunchboxes

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Next – How to keep bugs at bay.  BugBand is the safe and effective insect repellent that works from naturally derived Geraniol! Sometimes when I read the ingredients on the label of bug repellent I think it’s safer to get bit!  All the chemicals…it’s down right scary. BugBand products are DEET-Free. Safe for the whole family when used as directed on the labels.  The products have a pleasant odor and don’t irritate my skin!

It Summer So Let's Have a Picnic!

About BugBand

With its decades of experience developing odor-control products, EES, Inc., partnered with the University of Florida, Gainesville, which was undertaking a long-term study on the effectiveness of Geraniol as an mosquito repellent. EES is now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of products using the patented technology under the BugBand brand.

It Summer So Let's Have a Picnic!

It Summer So Let's Have a Picnic!
New – the “Boy Scout Kit”. Perfect for keeping on hand in the car, boat, backpack – for camping, cookouts, gardening, etc. Each has a Bug Band,a Glow in the Dark Bug Band and 4 Towelette 2 Packs.

So, what is Geraniol and how does is work?

Geraniol, the active ingredient in BugBand mosquito repelling products. One way Geraniol is extracted is by a steam distillation process from many types of plants including Geraniums. Geraniol has been used for many years for a variety of purposes and can be found in foods, drinks, cosmetics, perfumes, plus many odor masking and deodorizing products. 

Geraniol + other BugBand ingredients is considered a minimal risk pesticide ingredient by EPA standards. (Does not require registration by the USA EPA and has been exempted from registration under FIFRA).

Geraniol is a biodegradable ingredient that is safe to use. There is minimal human and environmental toxicity when products containing geraniol are used as directed on their labels.

Geraniol has a relatively high vapor pressure and gives off a dilute vapor into the air stream which acts as an area repellent. Mosquitoes sense the vapors and avoid them. This helps repel mosquitoes before they land. The tendency of Geraniol to evaporate makes it work as the active ingredient in BugBand Insect Repellent Spray Lotion , the BugBand Insect Repelling Band BugBand Towelettes with Insect Repelling Lotion , and other BugBand mosquito repellent products.

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South Beach Bubbles

Let’s have FUN – With South Beach Bubbles.  The bubbles of epic proportions! Good clean entertainment for the entire family.

It Summer So Let's Have a Picnic!

About South Beach Bubbles

South Beach Bubbles is a company owned by two young parents for whom the real happy hour is family playtime. Thus, they came together to develop giant ​bubble toys designed for the entire family, from children to grandparents, to have fun, create and join in a friendly competition of making the next bubble larger and more enduring than the last.

South Beach Bubbles mission is to get you and your family to play outdoors enhancing your imagination and coordination, decreasing stress, and helping you and yours stay happy enjoying carefree childhood fun!

Our unique giant bubble wands and concentrate are a must-have entertainment for a day at the beach or park, your toddler or Grandpa’s birthday party, your company’s spring celebration, your preschool fundraiser event, or your next family vacation.

South Beach Bubbles strives to make happy hour a bubbly festival for the whole family!

Besides good clean fun…how about tasty fun? Try making some flavored ice bubbles!

I plan to spend many hours this summer outside with my granddaughter enjoying the fresh air, sunshine and having fun with South Beach Bubbles!

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It Summer So Let’s Have a Picnic!

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