5 Ways to Reduce Dog Expenses Without Compromising Your Pet’s Health

Adopting and bring home an adorable puppy may not cost you much upfront but keeping a dog healthy and happy for years does require some spending. As it should be, bringing a dog home is more of an emotional decision. However, in the midst of all the excitement, many pet parents fail to take finances into consideration. The cost of dog parenting includes vaccination and medical treatment costs, food expenses, and premium for pet health insurance. There are also other miscellaneous expenses which may include everything from hiring a trainer to buying toys.

How Dog Breed and Size Influence Monthly Expenses?

The cost of dog ownership also depends on the dog breed and size. Some large dogs eat way more than something like a small chihuahua. This causes the food cost to skyrocket. Certain breeds are prone to certain medical conditions, which may lead to additional medical expenses. Long-haired dog breeds also require more grooming products and tools to keep their fur shiny and healthy. Long story short, dogs may be easy to get but they are expensive to maintain.

5 Ways to Cut down on Dog Expenses

While it’s important to save, it should never be a priority. If you are a loving pet parent, you should never compromise on quality. For example, don’t just go to the store and pick up the cheapest dry dog food bag you can find. Instead, it’s best to buy a great dog food product at a discounted rate. Following are 5 smart ways you can save without compromising the health and happiness of your dog.

Don’t Buy, Choose to Adopt: If you are someone who is yet to bring home a dog then you should definitely consider adoption. Adopting a dog or a puppy allows you to provide a home to an abused and neglected animal. If you buy puppies you not only spend more but you may end up funding puppy mills, where dogs are bred in dire conditions. Doesn’t really matter if you are trying to save money or not, always pick adoption over buying.

Switch to Homemade or Raw Food: One of the best ways to make sure your dog gets the right nutrition without burning a hole in your pocket is to prepare its meals at home. All you need to do is buy cheap meat cuts from the butcher and add some fresh seasonal vegetables. You cannot go wrong. However, when cooking at home be careful of the ingredients you add in. Some human food items are toxic to dogs. You can also consider giving your pet raw food. Speak to the vet about raw food and the best practices when adding them to your dog’s diet.

Buy Pet Medications Online: Pet meds and supplements are a major cost, especially if you have an elderly dog. Instead of going to a pet store you can buy dog meds cheap online. You will not only be able to score a better discount, but you will also save on the transport cost. When buying online, you also get to keep multiple browser tabs open and compare the prices.

Make Toys at Home: Dogs really don’t care if the toys you give them are expensive or not. They are all about the fun. That’s why it makes sense to make dog toys at home. For example, you can watch DIY videos to make tug toys out of old bedsheets.

Don’t Overspend on Pet Fashion Items: Buying a pair of sunglasses or fancy boots for your dog is a luxury. If you are reading this article, then you are probably better off not buying them. Fashion items for dogs are purely for the amusement of humans. Dogs really don’t care if they look good or not. Unless you are buying dog jacket for keeping your pet warm, there is no need to indulge in fashion items.

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