A Quick Buying Guide for a Soft & Puffy Mattress

New mattress brands frequently emerge on the market nowadays, as more and more designers come up with revolutionary ideas or bold technologies meant to help us get the best possible sleep, night after night. It may become tricky to choose amongst them because they all present unique features and high-quality materials.

Fortunately, online shopping has become a huge help for the modern hasty buyer. Also, it compelled the mattress industry to adapt to the new market requirements and the contemporary type of customers. Thus, we witnessed price drops even for luxury products and the rise of the new online mattress companies.

I always go online when I want to invest in a new item for my slumber environment and comfort, so I spend plenty of time reading reviews, which have become my main ally in this quest. Recently, I was looking for an affordable, more firm mattress and with an extended warranty. I came across several Puffy mattress reviews which caught my attention. In the end, I drew a quick buying guide for this particular product, and I believe it may come in handy for all of you searching the perfect balance between price and quality.

Know your favorite sleeping position

Puffy is a gel-infused memory foam bed which offers firm support, but also a pleasing comfort. It is ideal for people sleeping on their back or their stomach. If you are such a sleeper, the mattress will suit you perfectly.

But I should warn you, though, that the product is not endorsed for heavier individuals, as it is only 10″ thick. If you worry about memory foam heating during your sleep, you should know that the Puffy gel-infused foam technology helps you sleep cool all night long.

Firmness, support, and bounce

If firmness is what you want, that’s what Puffy delivers, but you should be aware that the mattress has no level choices when it comes to comfort. Only those of you enjoying a medium-firm bed will fall in love with it. If you want a soft bed, then you should look at other options.

The item comes in several sizes (from Twin to California King), and even if it doesn’t belong to the luxury mattress category, it certainly feels like one. I particularly love the fact that it provides excellent support for the back and the spine! The bed will hold you while gently contouring your joints and curves. Another detail you should learn about Puffy is that there is no bounce in this mattress, and the “sinking” feel is limited.

Price, trial period and warranty

Once you know your choices regarding comfort, find out everything there is to know about the price, the trial period and the warranty. Puffy comes with a lifetime warranty, which is extremely rare for the selling price of the product. But read the terms carefully: you’ll get a new mattress only in the first ten years of use, should there have been a defect in the one you bought.

After that period, the company has a choice: to either give you a new mattress or repair the old one. The company offers various payment and financing options as well if you don’t want to pay the whole price on the spot.

Shipping is free, and you can enjoy a 101 nights trial period; there is no charge for returning the product, and they will pick it up from your place. You will have to set the mattress yourself, but that is not at all difficult. You only need to let it air well and puff up for a few hours until it stretches to its standard size.

I hope the short guide to purchasing a Puffy bed will be useful to you. My conclusion regarding the 2017-launched company is that they managed to offer a superior quality mattress at a genuinely affordable price, which is not an easy thing to accomplish.

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