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Why Your Curb Appeal Is Suffering And What To Do About It

If you’re thinking of selling your house, or you’ve sold a house in the past, you may have heard of the term ‘curb appeal’. Curb appeal is, put simply, how appealing your home looks from the outside. Not only can your curb appeal change the way you feel about your home, it can make your home appear more valuable to potential buyers.

If you feel like your curb appeal may be suffering, or you’re simply not sure, read on and you’ll see why it might be and what to do about it.

  1. You Have A Dirty Car

It might sound silly, but a dirty car can ruin the appearance of your home in a flash. You’re not selling the car of course, and if you are, it’s unlikely that you’re throwing it in with the house anyway. However, the best way to help potential buyers picture themselves in your home and get good feelings about it is to make sure everything is clean and tidy. That even includes the car!
And not just the outside of the car, but the condition of the inside makes a difference too.  Make sure that the interior is kept clean and orderly. Clear our any trash from the floors, seats, and booster seat.

  1. Your Windows Are Old/Dirty

Has it been a while since you changed your windows? All homes should have a minimum of double glazing as standard. If they’re fine but dirty, that will cause a problem too. Keep them clean on the inside and the outside to make your home look better almost right away.

  1. You Don’t Have Any Privacy

Maybe you don’t have any privacy in your garden. Privacy in your garden keeps it safe from prying eyes, not to mention intruders and thieves that might be looking to get something for free.

The guys at Red Fox Fence know this which is why they have many fences to provide homeowners with the privacy that gardens should have. A buyer will usually be put off if your garden is available and open for all to see.

  1. Your Door Looks Tatty

It could be something as simple as having a tatty looking door. It’s easy to perk it up again without replacing it completely. You could change the number on the door, or even give it a bright coat of paint to make it look more interesting and fun. Of course, if it has been a while then it might be a good idea to replace it all together.

  1. You Don’t Have A Clear Path To The Door

Having a clear path to the door helps to define your outdoor area and make it more appealing. Not every home has to have this, and people will make it to your door regardless, but a clear path can make it look better.

  1. You Have Roof Repairs To Be Taken Care Of

Your roof is one of the most expensive things on your house. If there are clearly repairs to be taken care of, as well as leaves and dirt in the gutters, this is going to put potential buyers off. Repair anything you can on your roof and it’ll make your home more appealing almost right away.


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