Benefits of Playing Computer Games

One of the common misconceptions nowadays is the idea that video games are nothing more than an addictive habit young people show. However, that is very far from being true. In fact, video games can be very beneficial for the cognitive development of the player, regardless of age.

And, that is not all; different games have different benefits. Some will help the player develop physical skills and coordination. Some other games will improve the self-esteem of your kids and help them work better with others. And, of course, some games can help you make a lot of money. Some through the competitive world of esports, and some simply due to the fact that that is how they work. So, let’s take a closer look and see exactly what the players stand to gain from playing computer games.

1. Games Improve Coordination

We know that it seems like your kid is just staring blankly at the screen. But, that is usually not the case if they are playing a video game. There are a lot of sources of stimulation on that screen that they have to react to. That requires excellent coordination of their movements with the audio-visual inputs that come from the screen.

Furthermore, this won’t just help kids with their coordination. Adults can significantly benefit from it too, especially if they haven’t played games before.

2. Gamers Make for Better Surgeons

What we are about to tell you definitely sounds incredible, but it is true. Doctors who spend a lot of times playing video games are actually better with small incisions. And there is a study that proves it. Namely, that study shows that gamers that are laparoscopic specialists make fewer mistakes. During the practice procedures, they were better from their non-gamer competition by 32 percent.

3. Playing Video Games Can Improve the Eyesight

Most parents will try to prevent their kids from sitting in front of a screen for fear of potential eye issues. However, there is very little scientific proof to the claim that computer screens are harmful. Instead, newer studies show that, as long as the gaming is moderate, it can actually be beneficial.

Studies show that gamers are better at discerning colors and noticing small details. In fact, a study has shown that only ten weeks of moderate gaming can help improve the ability to discern shades of grey.

Another study actually shows that gaming can help people with a lazy eye. The study in question had players only use the affected eye to play, and they showed noticeable improvements, with some even ending up with normalized eyes.

4. Games Can Help You Make a Lot of Money

Nowadays, a lot of people can’t rely on their 9 to 5 to provide enough money for a comfortable life. So, more and more people are turning towards online sources of potential income. There are two main paths to making some serious money online.

The first way would be to turn towards some of the best casinos online, of course, for adults only. Gambling is indeed risky, but there is always a slight chance for you to make it big. So, you can always try out some of the gambling websites and play online slot games. Right now, some of the best online casinos, like Norskeautomater, come from Norway.

However, gambling is risky. Even though you certainly can make money that way, you are more likely to lose it. Thankfully, that is not the only way to play games and make money. If you have been following the online world, you probably know that pro gamers and gamers who stream themselves playing games are currently raking in incredible amounts of money just doing what they love.

5. Games Can Improve Social Skills

For most of the online multiplayer games, teamwork is a must. That means that the player has to communicate with the others constantly. That can develop conversational skills, leadership capabilities, and even tactical thinking. However, there is something that is a lot more important than any of those – gaming is a great way to make friends.

Making friends doesn’t work the same anymore. Kids and young adults nowadays are prone to actually meeting people online. A lot of games have their own team systems in the form of guilds. And, if you play with the same guild for a while, you get to know each member closely.

6. Games Can Improve Multitasking

Games are no longer as simple as the solitaire game we all know and love. New games actually require a lot of multitasking at all times for the player to be efficient. Studies actually show that players who play action games show incredible improvements in regards to vision, attention and even multitasking. And even non-gamers who were given games as an exercise tool became 30% better at multitasking than before.

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  • I am glad there is hope for the young that I know now!

  • #1 is so true. People who play a lot of computer games are very quick in their reflexes Games make very good drivers.

  • I have read that playing computer games can sharpen your memory as well as skills and senses. I love playing games on the computer. Especially I love playing casino.


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