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Num Num Num Num – 8 paws up for  Icelandic+™ all-natural dog chews and treats!

Seriously – Gabe especially, thinks these are the best ever.  It was almost impossible to get a picture of him.  As soon as I would hand him a Lamb Horn, off he would run. He hid under the bed, in the closet and in the guest room.  I guess he thought “Oh, this thing is so good, someone is bound to take it away from me!”. He ended up flying out through the dog door.  I assured him that he could keep his treat, and I got these shots of him, happily chomping away in the back yard.

Just so you know – I don’t deprive this boy of treats – just the opposite.  He means the world to me.  Gabe is my Medic Alert Service Dog.  Even more important to me – he keeps me grounded, lowers my anxiety and is a trusted companion. I cannot even begin to imagine my life without him. In rescuing him, he has rescued me many times over. Recently diagnosed with cancer, he had to have a surgery to try to remove as much of the tumor as possible. This left him with a gaping hole in his upper jaw, so he was not able to eat anything hard for a while.  So some of his favorite treats were off the menu. I’m so thrilled that he can now eat foods and treats that he likes AND that I had the opportunity to receive these Lamb Horns for him to try.

Num Num Num Icelandic+™ All-Natural Dog Chews and Treats
Num Num Num
Num Num Num Icelandic+™ All-Natural Dog Chews and Treats
Chomp Chomp Chomp

About Icelandic+ All-Natural Dog Treats

At Icelandic+, we care about pets. Ours and yours. That’s why we’re committed to producing healthy dog treats that meet their specific digestive, physiological, metabolic, and nutritional requirements – our in-house physiologist and nutritionist make sure of it. We use only the purest ingredients from Iceland, manufactured within FDA, USDA, EU, and MAST standards and regulations, to ensure the freshness, purity, and integrity of our products. And there are zero additives, fillers, supplements, or preservatives in them. Why? Our treats don’t need them.

Dogs love our treats. Their owners will love the enjoyment and nutritional benefits their pets experience from eating them.

Poe is a bit more reserved.  He had to check out the treats a bit.

Num Num Num Icelandic+™ All-Natural Dog Chews and Treats
Sniff sniff sniff…Hmmm,. what is this new smell? I don’t think I’ve ever smelled this before!
Num Num Num Icelandic+™ All-Natural Dog Chews and Treats
I think I’ll like it, but I better have a little lick just to make sure.
Num Num Num Icelandic+™ All-Natural Dog Chews and Treats


Left -Dental Care: The Icelandic+ Lamb Horn is a natural chew that helps your dog’s gums to be “brushed” as it is made of thousands of small fibers. If your dog’s teeth are not regularly brushed, you may experience some gum bleeding with their first Horn. This is natural and is actually a benefit as the Horn’s fibers are “scrubbing” the gum line.  Right – 100% natural and edible Icelandic Cod Fish Skin Rolls are single ingredient and contain no additives, preservatives or supplements. They come only from the pure icy waters of Iceland and are line-caught daily and processed immediately. Not only are they delicious for your dog, they reduce tartar and plaque build-up for healthier gums and teeth. They are also a great natural source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

So, why Icelandic+?

Lamb Horns

  • Single Ingredient
  • 100% Edible
  • No Additives – No Preservatives – No Supplements

Fish Treats

  • Single Ingredient
  • Omega 3
  • Caught in Icy Waters of Iceland
  • Line caught = Sustainable Fishing

I’ll be totally honest with you, the Cod Skin Rolls do have a slight fishy smell, but nothing over powering at all.  Once eaten, the odor doesn’t linger. As far as storage, they come in a thick plastic bag, so when closed you can’t smell anything at all.

Iceland is a beautiful country.  Breath taking views.  Pristine Waters. Lush Pastures. I know because my oldest grandson goes there several times each year and sends me the most wonderful photographs. You can be sure that any chews and treats you get from Icelandic+™ will be of the highest quality, which is what you want for the furbabies in your family!

Give your dog the gift of PURE NATURAL UNSPOILED Icelandic+ chews and treats. Find out where you can purchase Icelandic+™ products for you pets ——> HERE.

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Num Num Num Icelandic+™ All-Natural Dog Chews and Treats

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47 thoughts on “Num Num Num Icelandic+™ All-Natural Dog Chews and Treats

  1. I don’t have a dog, but I used to work at a pet store and am knowledgeable about pet nutrition. The fact that many Icelandic+ dog treats are made with a single ingredient is great; the fewer ingredients in a consumable, the less likely a dog is to have an adverse reaction due to allergies. The treats are also good due to their high protein content and the presence of other important nutrients such as Omega-3s.

  2. I really want to try one of these for my favorite dog – he ADORES antlers but has never had a lamb horn. I bet he would go wild! I have to find some.

  3. I’m not sure which is better-the looks of the treats or watching a pug chew – lol! I love pugs. We just got a new Whoodle puppy and she is a food hound so she would love these

  4. Wow, I was really excited to learn about Icelandic+ site. My dog would love the Capelin Whole Fish Dog Treats. They look so cool, and I bet they are so healthy.

  5. They have a great variety! I have a small dog so I would like the Icelandic+ Mini Cod Fish Chip Treats for Training & Small Dogs 2.0-oz Bag

  6. When we had our dogs years ago, they loved those pig bones, but it sometimes upset their stomachs. I love that the Lamb Horns have zero preservatives and are 100% digestible!

  7. wow..American needs to get with it.
    I like they Icelandic doesn’t allow cross breeding or genetically engineering.

  8. I’ll have to check these out ! It seems like your dog is really enjoying them! So cute ! Thank you for sharing

  9. Wow they have some interesting choices for treats-ones I have never heard of lamp horn and cod, I bet the pup would like them!

  10. I learned that these are 100% ingestible and digestible. I think my doggies would like the Capelin Whole Fish Dog Treats.

  11. I like that they actually help the environment and are ethically sourced products. My dog would probably enjoy the horns.

  12. I really like the information on the agricultural restrictions Iceland has in place. It makes me feel much more comfortable knowing that the treats are a healthy product for the dogs.

  13. My dog would love the marrow treats! And I would love knowing she’s getting a single ingredient treat, not some unhealthy filler.

  14. My dog may like the Icelandic+ Spotted Wolffish Long Skin Strips Fish Dog Treat 2.5-oz Bag. I had not heard of this site before.

  15. I earned that there are zero additives, fillers, supplements, or preservatives in Num Num Num Icelandic

  16. I learned that they make treats to meet “specific digestive, physiological, metabolic, and nutritional requirements”. Which is AWESOME!! Its like they cater their treats specifically for your pups health and body!! How awesome!

  17. I learned that Icelandic+ products are made of Zero preservatives, zero hormones, all nature-fed, 100% ingestible/digestible and 100% Viking. All the dog treats are made to help your pet stay healthy.

  18. Learned they have a unique selection of treats for dogs. Our dog might love the Icelandic+ Cod Skin Rolls Dog Treat 3-oz Bag

  19. I love that the treats with fish contain actual fresh caught fish ingredients. I love the pug omg I could bring him home.

  20. Oh wow, I have never heard of this company. Our dogs love salmon treats, and I think they would go nuts over these fish ones! Wow! I would love to have them try the Icelandic+ Redfish Skin Rolls Dog Treat!

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