Using The Home To FIght Off Those Aches And Pains

Does the job have you coming home with a few new little niggling aches every day? Does exercise leave the body sore and exhausted and in need of recuperation? Or perhaps you have chronic physical pain that you’re constantly fighting? Whatever your pains, the home can be an effective tool to treat them. Here are a few ways to make the best use of i

Laying down some facts

If you’re feeling little aches throughout the day right from the get-go or only after a little stress, then an uncomfortable sleep might have a lot to do with it. Make sure you’re taking care to improve your sleep by choosing a mattress that provides not only comfort but support too. If you’re feeling any springs poking through, that means it’s time for a replacement. How you sleep also changes what kind of mattress you should look for. If you sleep on your back, support is more important. Whereas if you sleep on your side, getting a more cushy surface with pressure relief might be better for you.

Breathe in

Air quality in the home is important. Taking care of your ventilation and airflow systems is crucial because of that. But giving the air a little bit of a scent can make a big difference, too. Essential oils for aromatherapy have a real impact on both improving physical relaxation and helping you sleep at night with options like lavender widely available. That’s not to mentioned that certain oils like marjoram and basil can help with back pain when directly applied

Using The Home To FIght Off Those Aches And Pains

Support yourself

When it comes to back and joint pain, it’s sensible to stand more and to sit less. When you get home, however, you want to relax and a lot of that is done on your backside. So, make sure you’re at least choosing seating options that provide both comfort and posture support. Large bean bags and saddle seats can be great for doing just that. You want to support both your upper and lower back and be able to sit back so that all the pressure of your body’s weight isn’t being applied directly down on the spine.

Get ergonomic

If you use the computer often or have a home office, then getting a supportive office chair is just as important. However, the seat isn’t all that matters. The layout of the desk and screen are just as important. You want a desk that comes low enough that your hands reach the keyboard without having to reach up. Meanwhile, you want the top of your monitor screen to be at your eye level. Otherwise, you’re reaching and looking up, improving your risk of repetitive strain injury. A standing desk can be even better economically and many of them come with adjustments to switch from standing to sitting.

Of course, the home won’t cure all of your ails, so if pain gets worse, it’s worth talking to your doctor about physical therapy and treatment options. However, it can provide some comfort to those with weary backs or creaking joints so start using it.


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