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Gifts You Hadn’t Thought Of For Guys

Men can be difficult to buy presents for. They may offer no hints or have a habit of buying things for themselves. If you’re struggling for gift ideas, why not try one of these presents?
Gifts You Hadn’t Thought Of For Guys


Bespoke clothing

Don’t settle for any old clothing. Bespoke clothing can be more personal whether it be a tailored jacket or a hat. Even boring clothing items like socks and ties can be spiced up by getting them monogrammed. You may even be able to get accessories personalized such as belts, wallets and hipflasks. Companies such as Marc Wallace offer these services.

Graphic Tees 

Time for a no-brainer  gift suggestion—graphic tees. I mean, who doesn’t wear T-shirts? They’re comfy, quirky, and unique, especially if you get ones printed with a witty statement or artwork.

Threadheads is just the perfect online shop to go to if you want to give your friends a funny or geeky graphic tee. Browse a wide range of designs, from anime, to film and TV, to retro, to even cats. You name it, Threadheads probably has it.

Start playing Sherlock, ask your loved ones about their all-time favorite movie, and find the perfect tee to match it.


Most men appreciate a good piece of jewelry. As with clothing, this could be something personalized. Some companies are able to engrave bracelets, dog tags and pendants. Alternatively, you may just want to get something valuable to show you appreciation for that person. Some men may find gold too blingy, but silver jewelry is likely to be tasteful. Companies such as Mr Silver provide a range of silver jewelry. For those on a budget, a simple but good quality leather bracelet may be just as effective.


For the man that already has everything, don’t add to their clutter with a physical gift. Instead, why not buy them an experience. This could be some kind of experience package such as driving a sports car, taking a hot air balloon ride or something more leisurely such as a wine-tasting event. It could even be a spectator event such as a sports match, a theatre production or live music event. You can find experience packages at sites like Experience Days. Experiences aren’t cheap although you may be able to get a discount using a coupon site. You could also consider buying it as a joint-gift.

Audio equipment

Guys love their gadgets. Audio equipment such as speakers or headphones could be a great gift for a man that loves their music or has always wanted a home cinema system. Speakers can be expensive, especially a full speaker set, so bear this in mind. That said, some portable speakers are very cheap and could make a great practical gift. When it comes to headphones, consider their lifestyle. Cordless headphones can be great for active guys that may like going to the gym or regularly go for a jog. A pair of decent wired overhead speakers could be good for commuters.


Memories make a great personal gift that rarely costs much. This could be a photograph of a special time. You could even get creative and fill out a photo booklet or create a collage – this will show that time has been put into the gift. There are sites like Be Funky, which can help you build your own collage. Photographs aren’t the only way of sharing memories and you may be able to find a small ornament or a book that relates to a private joke or a shared special moment.


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