10 Eco-Conscious Holiday Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Treasure

If your passion for all things earth-friendly is so strong, you wouldn’t think of buying a gift that didn’t fit some definition of “sustainably sourced,” you are definitely one of the good guys. One of the ways ecologically-minded people show their devotion to the earth is by purchasing presents that fall under the umbrella of eco-conscious gifts. With the holiday season fast approaching, we offer you 10 suggestions sure to delight everyone on your gift list.

Eco-Conscious Holiday Gift Ideas Your Loved Ones Will Treasure

#1: Zero Waste kits. What gift could be more meaningful than a treasure from an organization dedicated to “The conservation of all resources”? Zero Waste’s missions include promoting responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of products in addition to sustainable packaging that won’t impact land, water and air quality. Curious? Learn more about zero waste  before heading to the Zero Waste website shop for carefully curated zero waste kits that deliver powerful messages on your behalf.

 #2: Set the table with unique finds like a beautifully boxed coconut bowl and wooden spoon set just for the entertainers in your crowd: These hulls were once discarded as trash but they are now “up-cycled” and brought back to life as all-natural serving bowls and utensils. Available in 2 or 4 bowl sets, these useful, attractive items are 100-percent organic and vegan and packaging materials are destined for your recycling bin, too.

#3: Sustainable coffee. A growing number of international fair trade coffee companies stand ready to delight coffee lovers on holiday lists. Whether you artfully pair pounds of roasted beans with a coffee mug that showcases your recipient’s personality or you want to go all out and gift big, a selection of sustainable coffees will not only delight java junkies but your purchases can help put an end to coffee production’s dark side: Enslaved children forced to harvest, process and roast this cash crop. When ordering fair trade coffees to fill holiday wish lists, don’t forget to buy some for yourself.

#4: Eco-toys. How early is too early to teach kids about eco-consciousness? There is no start date. Kids growing up exposed to their parent’s responsible actions are more likely to become ethical adults, so why not start their adventure by choosing non-toxic, sustainably-crafted toys ? From dolls and BPA-free fire trucks made from recycled milk bottles to sidewalk chalk that spurs creativity, the market for eco-friendly kid toys has become so vast, you can search this category by age appropriateness and find gifts that appeal to every age group, from toddlers to teens.

#5: Eco-friendly art. A select number of artisans from around the world have made it their missions to produce fine art fashioned exclusively of upcycled materials and found objects. Many show their respect for Mother Earth by using creative processes to sell their wares that do no harm to the planet. Must you spend a fortune to give sustainable art to folks on your holiday shopping list? Not if you roam websites like Etsy and specialty sites like The Artling. These online resources promote the work of artisans who are as committed to their craft as they are to protecting the planet. Also, learn more about Eco-friendly ways to sustain oceans and sea life’s.

#6: The good books. From cookbooks to guides on gardening, composting and topics related to ecology, publishing houses are choosing well-written manuscripts that appeal to consumers who seek practical tips without a lot of hard-to-decipher scientific language. Peruse books featured on the Fast Company website to get started. Sometimes, all it takes is a well-written book to inspire and impel folks curious about sustainability to join this important movement.

#7: Water bottles that stand the test of time. From runners to bikers and from commuters to gym rats, having a fresh supply of water is more than just important; it’s critical to avoid dehydration. Sadly, plastic has become the go-to material for crafting water bottles, so why not change that with your gift choice and make a grand statement that bottled water has got to go the way of the Dodo bird? Begin your stainless steel water bottle search at Ocean Blue Project’s online store.

#8: Power to the campers! Wireless, solar-powered chargers that feature compasses and flashlights make ideal gifts for fans of camping, trekking and hiking. These compact products are easy to pack, lightweight and they’re getting smaller every day while delivering enough juice to charge multiple devices at the same time via USB ports. When you browse solar charger options, compare IP ratings so the recipient of your clever gift need not worry about their charger falling victim to water, dust and dirt. Where to find the mother lode of solar-powered chargers? Peruse well-rated products at varying price points on Amazon.

#9: Handbags made of recycled materials have become so popular you won’t have trouble locating resources like Inhabitat.com where totes rival those coming from high-profile fashion houses. This niche is not limited to handbags; find wallets made of recycled milk bottles to ocean waste, too. That stated, style isn’t compromised as more of these sustainably sourced designs not only grace runways but underwrite companies that harvest and re-purpose the raw materials.

#10: The gift of clean air. By planting a tree in the name of someone you care about you contribute to a movement that is vital to the very air we breathe. One Tree Planted and the Arbor Day Foundation are just two resources you can tap when you shop. A single tree provides oxygen, stores carbon, stabilizes soil, contributes to the health of wildlife and importantly, establishes links between the past, present and future. Trees remove pollutants from air and help reduce noise. If you’d like to honor someone with a holiday gift that keeps giving, you couldn’t find a more meaningful gesture.

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