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Protect Your Clothing with Cravaats®by DinerWear

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Who here is guilty of wearing more of their food than they care to actually admit? I’ll be the first to say that not only does it get all over my face and my hands, but my food usually ends up all over my shirts too! It’s not like I eat like I was raised by babies, anything that goes near my face is just terribly susceptible to the Earth’s gravitational pull. That being said I have ruined several blouses and pants because I love saucy foods, regardless of whether or not I keep a napkin on my lap or tuck it in my shirt (you see, napkins are also close enough to my mouth to become lap or floor bound without me noticing).

Now, and don’t laugh, but I have the perfect suggestion for people that can relate to the gravity of my situation… Diner Wear’s adult bibs!! Now, I know what you were thinking but it is nothing like the clumsy half-moons that we strap onto infants. These are more like scarves that happen to be napkins! 

Protect Your Clothing with Cravaat®by DinerWear
These photos really don’t do the Cravaats justice. They are so beautiful “in person”.

More eloquently named a Cravaat®, this adult bib is a modern-day reinvention of the 17th century cravat, where instead of being used to cover your now soiled shirt the Cravaat will prevent stains! Made 100% from polyester with up to 20 elegant patterns and colors to choose from, Diner Wear also includes a very helpful guide on how to wear your Cravaat in style. Diner Wear also provides another option if scarves aren’t exactly your thing- Napkin At Your Neck! But for those of us who are prone to share our drinks with our clothes as well we have the option of an extra absorbent and waterproof Cravaat.

Protect Your Clothing with Cravaat®by DinerWear

These practical and stylish adult bibs will make for excellent stocking toppers this year for the holidays! They come in a vinyl pouch or organza bag ready for gift giving!Protect Your Clothing with Cravaat®by DinerWear

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4 thoughts on “Protect Your Clothing with Cravaats®by DinerWear

  • I could really use a bib at times

  • These are very chic! They definitely would have come in handy for Thanksgiving this year!! Will have to add them to our Christmas list!

  • I hate to admit it, but I could use one of these. No matter what I’m eating, I manage to get it all over me…

  • I could really use this! Just spilled food on my shirt today in fact lol


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