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They bare the brunt of our weight for at least eight hours a day, they feel the stress of our steps from above and below- I mean we really beat these things up! I’m talking about our feet. Being rough with your feet can cause you a lot of pain and misery later down the line, not only that but correcting the issues that crop up can become expensive to boot. Alright everyone, now let’s be honest. How often do we take care of our feet? Do you have loved ones you know that probably should? Well today I have the most perfect treat for your feet- GelPro® mats!

No More Sore Feet Nor Tired Legs Thanks to GelPro




About GelPro

GelPro® is the leading brand of premium anti-fatigue gel-filled floor mats. Scientifically engineered with patented gel comfort technology, GelPro ergonomic floor mats reduce the discomfort of standing on hard flooring. GelPro also features a durable and stain-resistant synthetic fabric surface, appealing to those who value comfort and style in their home.

My only personal interactions with these wonderful, life-changing products have been in professional settings: warehouses, offices, doctor visits, etc. It wasn’t until my MIL received her very own GelPro Elite Mat 20X48 (Pattern: Terra Color: Natural Tan) that I realized that they had the potential to be gorgeous, functional interior pieces! GelPro provides over a hundred patterns available in several colors, you can even order sample swatches if you’re not sure what suits the room of choice, season, or holiday* best. (Check their sale out HERE!)



We don’t really think of all the standing we do on hard, uncomfortable surfaces at home. The wear becomes blaringly obvious if your previously mentioned pedial neglect leads to plantar fasciitis, or if you’re pregnant!! Professional settings aside, GelPro offers different mats for various places in your home where standing for long periods of time is inevitable. The mats vary in thickness and material depending on it’s purpose and they help alleviate pressure and strain from standing, that indirectly affects more than just your feet.

No More Sore Feet Nor Tired Legs Thanks to GelPro

GelPro is definitely a company with a product that will surely keep you and your feet happy, and well worth the investment- with warranties of up to ten years*! I don’t know about you, but this holiday season I’m going to show my friends and family I care by taking care of them too, starting with their feet.

Visit gelpro.com today to experience the difference a GelPro mat makes in your home. GelPro mats can also be found at Bed Bath & Beyond, Le Gourmet Chef, Chefs Catalog, and over 250 retailers.

Learn More and Connect With GelPro: Website | Facebook | Twitter

*Length of time depending on style of mat.


No More Sore Feet Nor Tired Legs Thanks to GelPro

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8 thoughts on “No More Sore Feet Nor Tired Legs Thanks to GelPro

  1. I don’t think I know of this product, but it does sound effective. What I usually do for my tired feet is use magnesium oil or soak in a bath with Epsom salt. Works as well, but I assume the gel would work much faster.

    1. GelPro would be a good “in addition to” and not “instead of”. It’s a mat that you would stand on if you do a lot of standing in one place and it helps as a preventative but isn’t a panacea to pedial aches and pains. So, not a quick process, but certainly valuable because it will save you money in the long run. Think of it like having good inserts in your shoes but on your floor (lol)!

  2. I am fortunate that I don’t need to stand on my feet all day. However, I do cook and don’t have a dishwasher so I do spend plenty of time standing in the kitchen. I also have extremely sore legs so this would be very helpful (and attractive).

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