Nutrisystem Week 4 #NSNation

I am a #NSNation Blogger and have received free Nutrisystem food for the purpose of this review. I have received no monetary compensation.  All opinions stated are my own.  Please speak to your health care professional before starting on any diet and exercise program.

I can’t believe that my first month is over.  Time has just flown by.  Here is my Nutrisystem Week 4 report.

NS Week 4

Without making you wait…I lost another 1.4 lbs. this past week.

Total Weight Loss for My First Month – 7.4 lbs.

That’s the equivalent of 28 and 1/2  sticks of butter.

I’m beyond thrilled because, again, I really though that I was going to find that I had gained.  This past few weeks have been out of the ordinary for us.  We’ve had lots of company – meaning that we’ve eaten out a lot, and I’ve cooked “company meals” at home.  I’ve tried to offset this by being very careful with my snacking.  I’ve also been drinking a lot more water and watered down unsweetened fruit juices.

I still need to work on drinking more plain water, but I feel that diluted juices are better than diet sodas.  A little unsweetened grapefruit juice seems to be the best solution for me.  I get down  a lot more liquid, while not adding a lot of calories to my daily intake.

I’m excited about my next shipment of food.  There are new products on the menu, that all of the #NSNation bloggers get to try.  New foods like Chicken & BBQ Beans, Turkey Sausage & Bacon Rigatoni, Chicken & Bacon Ranch Pizza and Meatloaf Sandwich. I can honestly say, that I’ve really enjoyed most of the meals that have been sent to me.  I’ve only found a couple that aren’t to my liking.  This weeks absolute favorite frozen meal – Steak and Cheese Melt – DELICIOUS!


My favorite pantry food is the Granola Cereal.  It’s great dry, with milk or mixed into yogurt!


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Nutrisystem Week 4 #NSNation

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  1. I love your post, and am curious about the NSNation program. I have looked on their site and do not see anything about blogger ambassadors.

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