Midnight Velvet Review and Giveaway

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 Welcome to the Midnight Velvet Bedding Review and Giveaway!


It’s very true…your bedding can make or break your bedroom and Midnight Velvet bedding can help MAKE your bedroom FANTASTIC!

Yes your bed is the foundation for your bedroom, but your bed is like a cake and your bedding is the icing.  And let’s be honest…who wants dry cake?  Nobody.  You want a cake that’s moist and substantial, but with sweet creamy icing and lot’s of frosting flowers.

That’s what Midnight Velvet bedding is…the icing on your cake!

Midnight Velvet Logo

About Midnight Velvet: 

Midnight Velvet is a mail-order catalog company that has been around for 27 years. Their tagline is Confident Style. Beautiful You. They are in business to create a shopping experience that invites you to immerse yourself in a world of dramatic fashions, glamorous jewelry, fragrances and exotic home décor that delights you with its quality and beauty. 

*You spend at least a quarter of your life in your bedroom.

*Your bedroom should be an oasis.

*It is worth the time and the money to make your bedroom the most relaxing place in your life!

I received a comforter set from Midnight Velvet, for this review.  I chose to “re-do” our guest room.  While I was quite happy with it, the bedding was leaving with my daughter, who is moving to another state, so it was great to start from scratch and go in a different direction.

MV Beofre 3 Full Pic
Midnight Velvet bedroom make- over BEFORE photo.
MV Before 1
Midnight Velvet Bedroom Make-Over Before photo (2).

Woo-Hoo…this is what is looks like now!

MV After 5
Our new guest room, thanks to Midnight Velvet @ShopMV #MVFabBloggers

I chose the Sheba Bedding – This is a queen comforter which came with a bed skirt and 2 pillow shams.

MV  Collage
The details make all the difference. Midnight Velvet Sheba Bedding @ShopMV #MVFabBloggers
MV  After 2
Sheba Bedding from Midnight Velvet @ShopMV #MVFabBloggers

To round out the look in this room, I simply purchased a very in expensive pair of drapery panels (but you can be sure that I’ll be purchasing the matching valence that is available at Midnight Velvet!), a cool vase and some dried greenery.

I moved 2 lamps from other rooms in the house, that were better suited to this motif.

I just LOVE this room now.  It speaks to me.

Much to my husbands disappointment, I may just have to move in here.

Everything is perfect. The colors, the patterns, the total feel of the room.

Doing A  Happy Dance!

I am vacillating on whether I’m going to keep the pop of lime green (in the small table and the wall decals), or if I’m going to change that.  I’m going to live with this for a bit, before making a final decision. Baby Girl is moving out tomorrow, so a few more things will be going.  I will probably add a few appropriate nicknacks, but over all, I want the room to be calm, relaxing and clutter free.

What to you think?  Love the make-over as much as I do?

Head on over to Midnight Velvet and take a good look around.

I’m sure that you’ll find just what you are looking for.

You can also sign up for a free catalog!

Enter giveaway by using the Rafflecopter form, below.

Good Luck!


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Midnight Velvet Review and Giveaway

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139 thoughts on “Midnight Velvet Review and Giveaway

  1. My favorite is the white Microflannel Comforter. I am a huge fan of the quilted look on this and I love the fluffiness of it.

  2. I commented on this post also using the same name as I did here. I commented on the “Lifeway Kefir Cultured Milk Smoothies Fluff Recipe post”

  3. I adore the Bejeweled Romance Bedding and Window Treatments. Your guests will certainly enjoy that room.

  4. My favorite is the microflannel comforter. I like bedding that feels soft and can be machine washed. I also like something without a lot of print so I can easily change the look of a room.

  5. I really love the Amina comforter set.My bedroom is decorated in black and grays so I think it would look very nice!

  6. I love the Isabella set. I think it is pretty and would make me feel like I was off someplace else!

  7. They are all so pretty it is really tough to make a choice but my favorite is the Taipei Complete Bed Set.

  8. My favorite Midnight bedding set is the Kingstone bedding I think it is rich but not to in your face. Love your room.

  9. OH MY WORD! I am so glad you listed this on the Learntobloghangouts.com vip forum! OUr home flooded out about a month ago and as yucky and disgusting as it has been living in soured carpets & a construction zone, it is fun, too because I get to redo my room! It has been the same since we moved in 13 years ago. LOL! We re-did my bathroom last year and are redoing the Master Bedroom to match. So, I have been on the hunt for the perfect Zebra bedding that didn’t look to girly or teen-like. This one from Midnight Velvet looks PERFECT!! http://www.midnightvelvet.com/For-the-Home/Bedroom/Quilts-and-Bedspreads/kenya-chenille-bedspread-sham.pro?fpi=111818&catCd=LW&prefixCode=LW


  10. My favorite bedding is Bejeweled Romance Bedding and Window Treatment. I do not have anything like this bedding and I think it is unusual and pretty.

  11. I like the Serafina woven damask comforter in blue. It gives a deep rich color to the room with the added attraction of a beautiful pattern, but it isn’t so overwhelming. Perfect!

  12. I love the Marianne 10-Piece Embroidered and Appliqued Bed Set. The pattern is so me that I’m sure anyone who knew me could pick this also!

  13. I have changed my mind several times. Mostly because of availability of one or more of the items. So that being said, I choose the Metropolitan Bedding Set. Because it has the sheets, pillow cases, dust ruffle, and accessory pillows on top of the comforter and shams. I went thru their sales items, and regular items, as well as availability. The prices are affordable and from all of the comments online and on their site, the quality is there also. My set is ready to be retired. . Please help me! I need a new set.

  14. The Grand Tour is my favorite. It would go well in my spare bedroom where I have a lot of items from Europe decorating the shelves. Thanks

  15. All of the items on Midnight Velvet are so beautiful! If I had to pick one comforter, it would be the Luxury Satin Ruffled Comforter.

    1. I guess it’s the Shanghai set out of the 3 that I’m in love with…unfortunately, it isn’t available any longer! At the price they has it listed as, I was about to buy it! LOL

  16. I love the rustic western look of these brown and blue shades for my guest bedroom – Scottsdale Comforter Set –
    Queen – #LO705140 would definitely spruce up that room, thank you

  17. I just adore the pattern with the Lisette Smocked Comforter Set. It would also look so lovely in my room

  18. I really love the Pintuck Oversized Comforter Set! I love the color, but even more so love the pintuck pleats!

  19. I love the Sapphire Bedding Set ! It has blue & green colors that remind me of my visits to the ocean 🙂

  20. My favorite Midnight Velvet Comforter is the Pintuck Oversized, Square Pillow and Decorative Pillow Set, it so very pretty. I really like the textured pintuck pleats, it also looks so comfortable I could fall asleep under it right now. Another great quality is that it is machine washable and with 2 dogs that is a must have.

  21. omg i want this so bad!! i love so many of them who ever wins is one lucky person!! now i love love the one you got i love that leapord print i would maybe get that one, but i didn’t even see that one when i was shopping for my choice, i liked the bluish colored one that has a big black flower one it, it is a 10 piece set and i love it, but gosh there is so many i love it is hard to choose, i really really love the one you picked!! thank you so much for the great giveaway my fingers toes and eyes are crossed lol.

  22. I like so many but honestly if i was to choose one i think i would get the one you got, I love love that leopard print, there are several i like but i really like that one, i also like the quilted look one, and some of the 10 piece sets, and the light weight one, but first choice is the one you got, i so love it so sexy and sassy. thank you

  23. One of my favorites is the Kentwood Complete Bed Set, Pillow and Window Treatments. I live the color combo and design.

  24. I like the serafine woven damask comforter set and a few other items at Midnight Velvet. They have some nice items.

  25. I love the Anima Bedding Comforter because it’s a sophisticated new take on animal print. It fits my style perfectly.

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