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This and That…Just Rambling

I kind of miss my old personal blog.  I would post this and that…just rambling, really.  I often think about picking it back up, but like many things in life, it seems to get swept under the rug.   I let George and Gracie’s blog die when they left this earth, and Gabe and I started a blog together, but it too has fallen by the wayside.  I really should do something about that.  Tomorrow is another day.


Anyhoo, for those of you who don’t know much about me, I’m the mom of 10 grown children.  5 boys and 5 girls.  Together, they have blessed the man and I with 22 beautiful grandchildren – with another due next month.  The grands range in age from 2 months to 20 years.  So, obviously, this makes me quite an old broad! I was used to being busy  – raising my family, and helping however I could, with my children’s kiddos, and all those things that you do with your “besties”. I found that I had a great void to fill when we moved from our “hometown” in Florida, about seven and a half years ago.   We were down to just 2 young’ns in the house, and all the grand children were at  least a day’s drive away and I had no new friends.  So, one day one of my daughters who had a blog,  convinced me that I needed to have one.  THANK YOU SUZIE Q!

OMGOSH – I could barely email.  She was so patient with me, and I cannot ever thank her enough. She taught me, over the phone, how to get started, and that was the beginning of a new life for me – LITERALLY!

Through blogging I have met people all over the world that I can honestly and truly call dear friends.

From blogging, I got hooked on Facebook…a real “time sucker”- oh the fields that I’ve plowed and planted on Farm Town, to the eras that I’ve traveled via Gardens of Time, and let’s not forge Fairyland, Words With Friends and Jungle Jewels!.  Then along came Pinterest.  I could (and do) spend hours upon hours perusing every kind of board imaginable.  And then I found YouTube.  YouTube is awesome, oh yea, on YouTube Everything is Awesome.  (Sorry, now you’ll be hearing that in your head all day.)   You can find a tutorial for just about ANYTHING.  I’ve watched music videos and clips from great TV shows,  learned how to ranger roll my clothes, create the perfect habitat for aquatic turtles, and then….Oh then I discovered CRAFTERS!!!!!!!!!

Craft Supplies

Heaven, I’m in Heaven, And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak...My poor husband.   He’s contemplating the need for a second job to keep me in craft supplies.

My biggest fear

Let me tell ya, there aren’t enough hours in the day!!!

To Be Continued


11 thoughts on “This and That…Just Rambling

  • It was nice reading about you and I enjoyed your humor. I am still in awe of pinterest after having it for so long. The last little crafter graphic too funny!

  • I loved reading about you. Even though I do know you via blogging it’s nice to learn a little more about you. I knew a lot of what was in this post but I did learn some new things too.

  • It is a wonderful world on the internet. I do wonder what we all did with our time before it came to be. Nice to know a bit more about you

  • Wow 10 kids! It’s always great to get a glimpse into the life behind the blogger- Sometimes I like to just read about a person, instead of a product or concept, thanks!

  • Oh wow 10 children! I don’t think I could handle that!! Loved learning about you and your sense of humor!!

  • I love that you were open to trying something new even when technology wasn’t a comfort zone for you. So great!

  • I’ve known you for so long and yet have known so little, I’ve realized. Ten kids and 22 grandkids? Wow! That’s a wonderful, full family. And you are so right about Pinterest and crafting. Oh boy. LOL.

  • 10 Grown Children 🙂 What blessings! That is my dream come true…but The Lord has had other plans for me

  • I so get the “letting blogs go.” Sometimes things go with the tides but it’s not a bad thing. Life changes and we can start a new! Starting with your everyday life is just the start and then it blossoms! Just likes yours now!!


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