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0 thoughts on “A Little Turtle Action

  1. I was just thinking today that i wish I had some little turtles but my cats would kill them. 🙁 I’ve always wanted some but was never able to. I think they are adorable and fun to watch.

  2. They are so precious! This reminds me of my sweet great-grandmother. She loved turtles and always had them come visit her garden.

  3. I’ve never thought turtles to be cute, but yours are so small and adorable! Definitely a new turtle outlook (:

    1. Fell free to head on over to my house. I’ll direct you to the ditch where they live in mass:-)
      LOL – for $5 per turtle the neighborhood boys will get them for you:-)

  4. Awww, so adorable!! I love turtles and would love to have a couple but we just don’t have enough room in our house for a tank large enough for them right now:( Maybe someday!

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