5 Adventures to Help Keep a Long-Term Relationship Alive

Has your long-term relationship lost its excitement? Is “Netflix and chill” your default date night? Are you beginning to question if relationships are worth it?

You need the adventure to bring you closer to your partner! Adventures can show you a side of your partner you haven’t seen before and gives you the opportunity to bond over something exciting.

Just think of it as spicing up date night!

Here are some ideas to resurrect your relationship!

1. Take a Class

A cooking class, couple’s yoga, and dance classes are all great ideas that can bring you closer together. Staying active or learning a new skill that benefits you both is the perfect way to freshen up your relationship and your life!

Not only does a class get you to spend time with your partner, you get to learn about one another’s interests and skills while learning something useful.

2. Escape Rooms

An Escape Room will allow you to learn things about one another that you wouldn’t get to know in normal day-to-day routines. Situations like getting kidnapped, escaping from an island, or pulling off a heist allow you to role play and discover new things about one another.

Show your partner a new side of yourself and fall in love all over again!

3. Geocaching

If you need something fun to do while hiking, geocaching is for you! It will get you out of the house and exploring areas you’ve likely never been before.

All you’ll need are your phone and your hiking boots to participate in this worldwide treasure hunt! Geocaching requires an adventurous spirit and encourages working together.

4. Separate Vacations

If you and your partner can never agree on where to venture off to, take separate vacations. That way, there’s no resentment about never getting to see the places you want to see and you spend some time apart to be individuals again.

You can relearn your love for yourself and foster desire for your partner as you spend some time alone.

Once you return from your separate vacations, have a date night to show each other pictures and talk about all the things you got to see. This could even turn into several nights of interesting conversations about far off lands!

5. Make a Time Capsule

This date night idea is perfect for an evening when you don’t want to leave your house, but you still want to do something different and romantic.

You and your partner choose a few things that represent your relationship and write one another letter. Put them in a waterproof capsule and bury it in your yard.

In ten years, have another date night when you dig it up and reminisce on your relationship.

Reviving a Long-Term Relationship

Unfortunately, a long-term relationship can fizzle. You just need something to interrupt the routine. Get ready to schedule a date night because your relationship is about to heat up again!

Be sure to check back regularly for more life and relationship inspiration!



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