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5 Appealing Flooring Ideas That Are Sure to Astound You

Flooring is a type in the remodeling project that has two perspectives. It can be judged based on the rooms or the overall space of the house. Flooring comes under home renovation and it should be seen in a holistic approach. In the recent era, there are different types of options available for flooring which are also affordable. 

Appealing Flooring Ideas

Wooden flooring 

Flooring made from engineered wooden planks gives the feeling of solid wood. Well, it’s not actually a wooden floor, as it consists of a veneer on top made from natural wood and layers of plywood underneath. This makes the flooring affordable and even sturdier like natural wood flooring. Some engineered floors provide good stability and are made from recycled wood fiber mixed with stone dust of stones. The concept of wooden flooring has been changing with time. As far as durability, maintenance, and style are concerned, wooden flooring is always a good investment. 

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood is one of the popular choices for most home and commercial property owners. The construction process is very simple as they are made from solid wooden planks or boards. These are at least 0.7 to 0.75 inches thick and can be installed on the subfloor with the help of nails. Hardwood flooring is available in different forms. Some come in strips or planks and the width depends on the make. Some hardwood flooring is either finished or unfinished. In the case of unfinished flooring, consider sanding it after installing. Hardwood flooring comes first among all flooring ideas due to versatility, ease of maintenance and affordability. 

Tiled flooring

Tiles are also popular but come after wooden choices. These types of flooring are readily available but may not match the affordable zone when compared with hardwood flooring. However, it can be the best choice for sizeable rooms and adding some adorning effects on the flooring. Tiles can be mixed and matched with different colors to ensure a charming effect in the room. Tiled flooring is an extremely hardy and long lasting. Quality installation last more than 10 years if maintained well. Due to ease of maintenance and versatility, tiles are widely chosen by many home owners.

Laminate flooring

For a professional installer, laminate flooring simply means ease of installation. As the floors float on the subfloors, the installer need not do a lot for placing the sheets. Due to the lamination on the floors, cleaning and maintenance become easier. However, beware of water accumulation on the floor as it may damage in the long run.

Flooring options are fun only if chosen in the right way. First, you have figure out what your property is asking for or consider consulting the experts. Price of flooring, your budget for it, and structure of the building are primary matters of consideration in selecting the flooring. Get great flooring ideas from industry leaders and give your house a stylish and long lasting flooring. 

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