Garden Tools You Must Have To Plant & Grow Your Seeds

If you have decided to take up gardening, you are probably very excited and ready to try out all kinds of techniques and methods that you have read about. Have you, however, thought about all the tools that you will need to get in order to do this the right way? Every gardening project starts with a lot of enthusiasm and, of course, with the right tools, such as those you can see on this page.

I’m sure you are already aware of the fact that you cannot exactly plant and grow any of your seeds without using some of the most essential tools. In case you are just getting started with your project, you might not be sure about which tools and pieces of equipment you actually need. That’s perfectly normal, so don’t get discouraged. Instead, read on to find out what you absolutely should get when starting a gardening project.


Floral Pattern Garden Gloves and Secateur Garden Tools You Must Have To Plant & Grow Your Seeds

Unsurprisingly, gloves are the first necessary piece of equipment on our list. After all, you probably don’t want to get thorns in your hands, am I right? Well, in case you don’t buy the right pair of gloves, thorns and splinters are bound to become a part of your life. If you want to avoid that, though, then you need to make sure that you are choosing the perfect pair of gloves.

Keep in mind that these shouldn’t be too bulky, because you might not be able to treat the actual seeds right if you can’t feel anything through the gloves. Yet, they need to be durable and, most importantly, they need to fit you perfectly. If you want to be comfortable in the process, make sure to choose breathable, but also water resistant, fabrics.

Here are some tips on how to choose the right gloves:


Sometimes, you’ll be required to exercise a certain level of control over those rebellious plants that you have in your garden. Sure, you want them to grow, but you want them to grow in their own space, without trying to rule the whole kingdom, so to speak. Believe it or not, dominant plants like those do exist and it’s your responsibility to keep them in check.

In order to manage to keep them in check, you’ll need to get a pair of shears. Depending on the type of plants you have and the actual amount of pruning that will need to be done, you’ll have to be rather careful with the type of shears you chose. Remember, there is also the danger of causing injury to some of your plants with this particular tool, so try and choose the shears that will cause the least harm.

Garden Tools in a Wooden Box Garden Tools You Must Have

Hand Trowel

When you need to transplant bedding plants, plant containers or even take out weeds, a hand trowel will certainly be your best friend. As with anything else, you’ll need to ensure that you are choosing the perfect hand trowel for you instead of simply grabbing the first one that comes along. Which type you will choose depends precisely on the actual purpose you will be using the trowel for.

If you ask a few gardeners for tips, they will all tell you that broad blades are designed for moving more soil, while the long and narrow blades are perfect for rocky soil and for digging up weeds. This means that you should understand your precise needs before making any purchases. That way, you will manage to choose the perfect hand trowel for your gardening project.

You may also use an auger drill attachment to make planting in the most difficult soil simple.


Every single plant needs water, doesn’t it? Consequently, every single gardener needs to buy the perfect hose that will be able to reach every single area without too much trouble. Your plants need water in order to survive and choosing the perfect hose will not only provide them with what they need, but it will also make your life a lot easier.

You’re probably wondering how it is that it can actually make your life easier, so let me explain. When you find the hose that is easy to handle, watering your plants will be a piece of cake. Remember to choose the perfect length as well and your gardening project will definitely be an extremely pleasant experience.

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