Essential End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips

At the end of your contract in a commercial establishment, you need to vacate it. Usually, you need to sign a contract before renting the place. You also need to pay a deposit which you can retrieve after you leave the area. The landlord will then assess the site, and if everything is okay, you can get your deposit back. You should cover the basics like a steam mop, but also the deeper cleaning. Deep cleaning should be done by professionals like phs group. These tips will help you to ensure that the end of tenancy will be smooth.

Check the windows

The landlord might deduct from your deposit any problem with the place that requires repair. It includes the windows. If there are missing or broken pieces, you need to replace them. If the windows are dirty, you need to make them clean again.

Clean the walls

Landlords usually don’t allow tenants to repair the walls unless you have an agreement from the start that you can do it. You can’t hang items on the wall without permission, especially if they leave permanent marks on the walls. Therefore, before vacating the place, make sure that you clean everything up, including the removal of items from the walls.

Fix the furniture

If possible, ask the landlord to remove the furniture in the commercial establishment before you rent it if you want to decide what furniture to use. However, if the furniture is suitable for the office, you might rather have it, so you don’t need to buy furniture elsewhere. The furniture needs to be in top condition at the end of the tenancy, apart from the normal wear and tear. For wooden furniture, find marks and scratches. You need to fix them before leaving.

Keep the carpets and rugs in good condition

It is not easy maintaining carpets and rugs due to their size, and the type of material used. Regular vacuuming helps in making sure they remain in good condition. Check the carpets for potential issues, and make sure they are clean before you leave.

You can’t deal with it alone

Leaving the office space because you want to move to a different place could be a challenge. You want to get your complete deposit back since you might also need it as a deposit if you decide to rent different office space. If not, you can at least use the amount for your company’s operational expenses.

The best way to avoid problems regarding the end of the tenancy is to hire the best company for commercial cleaning London offers. You want to focus on other things that are more important as you move to a different office. You can let the cleaners fix all the issues in your old office space before you leave. You can contact them specifically for this purpose. If you feel satisfied with their service, you can ask them to continue working with you in your new office space. You can sign another deal for the service. Check the cost of their services, and start working with them again.




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