Lobster Pie Is The Comfort Food You’ll Want On A Dreary Day

The weather forecast predicts that the next few days are going to be miserable. Now that your motivation to leave the front steps is gone, it’s time to stay inside and bake one of these unbelievable pies.

A New England Pie

The most important ingredient for this pie is fresh lobster from the coast of New England. If you don’t live anywhere close to the area, you should go to the website Lobster Anywhere to make an order—they ship Maine lobster direct to any location in the United States of America, including long-distance states like Alaska and Hawaii. This incredible lobster delivery can cater to your packed schedule and intense food cravings, sending the order to your home within twenty-four hours. Once you have the star of your dinner recipe arrive at your doorstep, you can finally prepare a traditional New England lobster pie covered in a rich crumble topping made of crushed butter crackers and a little bit of grated Parmesan cheese.

Lobster Pie Is The Comfort Food You'll Want On A Dreary Day

A Flaky Pot Pie

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cutting into a flaky pie and hearing the sound of the knife going through the golden crust. The finished entrée will taste a lot better if you make the dough from scratch, than if you buy a frozen package from the grocery store. A few hours before dinner, whip up a batch of flaky pie crust by combining flour and kosher salt with cubes of near-frozen unsalted butter — this will be easy to do with a food processor or pastry blender, so your hands don’t get messy. Slowly add in ice water until the ingredients form a dough, which you should refrigerate for at least an hour before rolling out for the top and bottom of your dish.

A Shepherd’s Pie

When the weather outside is terrible and all you want to do is lounge in your pajamas, you should stick your fork into a hefty scoop of shepherd’s lobster pie — this is the perfect meal for a day when you don’t want to leave the comforts of your home. The blend of these decadent ingredients will fill you to the brim and keep you warm, even when there is frost on the windows. Roast two pounds of russet potatoes in the oven for over an hour and let them sit until they are cool enough to touch. Scoop out the white flesh into a pot, pour in a cup of half-and-half and then mash them until the mixture is free of any lumps. In place of a flaky crust or cheesy crumble, you will have this thick coat of potatoes as your delicious topping.

If you aren’t confident in your cooking skills or you don’t have the energy to putter around the kitchen, you can always order a tasty pie from Lobster Anywhere and heat it in the oven. This way you can take the credit of making dinner without having to lift a finger or dirty a pile of dishes.


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