This evening I’ve been seeing such hateful updates posted on Facebook, both before and after the Zimmerman verdict.

Zimmerman should fry!

Trayvon had it coming!

What’s wrong with Florida?

Death to whites!

THESE ARE TRUTHS: I was not there.  A life was lost. Families grieve.  There is anger.  We don’t live in a perfect world. People make mistakes.  Only God and two people REALLY KNOW what happened.  Guilty people walk free.  Innocent people sit behind bars. A white ambulance worker is afraid for his life.  Young black males are often unfairly targeted.

How truly grateful I am, that I was not on that Jury.  How truly grateful I am, that I did not have to judge.  How truly grateful I am, that my children are safe this night.

My Heart Grieves…

How my heart grieves for those who have lost loved ones.  How my heart grieves for the hatred in the hearts of so many.  How my heart grieves for the anger and turmoil that is sure to bring more violence in the coming days.

May God have mercy on us all, and bring comfort to those in need.  May He instill compassion for all, in our hearts.  May we embrace all that is good, praiseworthy, lovely and virtuous...this is my prayer.

I'm Grateful that I'm neither Judge nor Jury

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0 thoughts on “I'm Grateful that I'm neither Judge nor Jury

  1. Great post, I feel the same way. God, and those two individuals are the only ones who know what all happened. All we can do is pray for the hearts of all involved, and remember that God is the the ultimate, healer, comforter, vindicator and judge.

  2. I live in FL, a few hours away from where the “murder” went down. People may be bashing this case on FB, but I know there are people -including me- that just wish it would all go away. Its like with Casey Anthony. All everyone is doing is pouring salt into a wound that is years old already. Its like every few years the state find some new thing to obsess over.
    The way I see it, both parties were in the wrong- including the Deceased. Zimmerman`s prosecution should have not been this public — it just stirs up nonsense and fights among the communities – both in the state and out. Honestly, I feel that this whole case was blown WAY out of proportion by media and people who think they know everything about the case.

  3. With the events currently in Ferguson this post was comforting and brought to light that we all suffer when humanity is not equally acknowledged. May God help us all.

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