5 Best Books About Horse Racing

With horse racing having such a rich history, it is not odd to see plenty of books that highlighted some of the greatest moments of the sport. The “Sport of Kings” inspired authors to write some incredible stories that made horse racing what it is today.

If you are a horse racing enthusiast, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect horse racing book since there are plenty of books to choose from.

From an extensive look and breakdown of the history of horse racing to incredible biographies of some of the greatest racehorses that managed to sign their name in the history books, there are plenty of books to keep you amused. So, in case you follow the Kentucky Derby results at, you might be interested in knowing more about this sport.

In this article, we will highlight some of the best books about horse racing, that every enthusiast should read.

The Horse God Built: The Untold Story of Secretariat

If we talk about the greatest racehorse that the world has ever seen, most horse racing enthusiasts will immediately think about the Secretariat which shocked everyone with its capabilities.

The story of how the Secretariat became the greatest racehorse that the world has ever seen and the fastest Triple Crown unbeaten champion to this day, is highlighted in this book by best-selling equestrian author Lawrence Scanlan.

Most people know about the Secretariat, but they don’t know the actual story behind this great horse. The author managed to highlight his incredible starting days, as well as the few incredible races like the Kentucky Derby that embedded his name into the history of horse racing.

Every horse racing enthusiast will be moved by this heart-melting tribute to both Sweat (Secretariat’s Groom) and the Secretariat. This horse was also the target of a movie, featuring John Malkovich and Margo Martindale.

Out of the Clouds

Since we are talking about the “Sport of Kings” most people that are actually involved with the sport try to conquer it. However, that’s not easy, especially not in today’s competition.

However, “Out of the Clouds” is a book that tells the rags to riches tales of a poor city slicker from Brooklyn and a failed racehorse. The story focuses on a racehorse trainer Hirsch Jacobs as he uses his gift to transform the unwanted Thoroughbred Stymie.

When everyone gave up on the horse, Jacobs believed that the horse has the potential for becoming a great racehorse. He manages to train Stymie to become a top-notch racehorse feared by its competition in just a few short years manages to win 25 races and get $900,000 in prize purses.

The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told

Betting is a huge part of horse racing, especially on big events like the upcoming Kentucky Derby. We’ve all heard some incredible betting stories from the horse racing community, but not quite like this one.

The book covers three lucky winners that managed to pick a winning underdog horse and win a lot of money in the late 1980s. However, their happiness was short-lived after they’ve run into trouble for claiming their prize.

Unknowingly, they placed their bets with members of a suspected drug cartel at a racetrack in Tijuana, Mexico. This meant that getting their money would require a dangerous journey.


Here we have another popular horse that has been highlighted in many books and movies. However, the book by Laura Hillenbrand is one of the best horse racing books in the world.

The story is about a great racehorse with three men shaping the history of the sport winning race after race.

However, this is not a horse racing book that focuses only on Seabiscuit. In fact, readers will learn more about horse racing in general and the writing is very descriptive which will give you the sense that you are watching a live horse race.

Horse of a Different Color

This book is written by Ralph Moody, and it also deserves a spot on the best horse racing books in the world list. Since the Kentucky Derby is one of the biggest horse races in the world, this book highlights a story that is highlighted by a horse thoroughbred breeder telling the story behind this incredible race.

Horse of a Different Color is a book that will give you a behind-the-curtains look at horse racing. You’ll learn more about the business of the sport, as well as breeding, buyers, sellers, and even horse trainers.

It is a great book that will clarify how the sport works and why it is so popular.



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  • My grandfather loved horse racing and bet on the horses on a weekly basis never winning or losing much and he also loved reading about them, his favourite author was “Dick Francis”.

  • Horse of a different color seems very interesting to me!


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