5 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Make returning back home every night like entering a luxury destination each time without the need for all of the elite upgrades. Just because you want your things to look expensive, doesn’t mean you need to pay the sticker price to get the look that you want. We collected the best tips from around the internet to make some upgrades without dreading what your bank account will tell you the morning after. See what you could do to transform your space in a weekend with just a little extra cash in your pocket.

Make Your Home Look More Expensive

  1. Swap Out Your Light Fixtures

Modern light fixture in dining room

Whether they are the originals from moving in or ones you installed yourself after the fact, it can impact your whole room by switching up your light fixtures again after awhile. Twist down the one (or ones) killing your vibe and replace it with something dramatic to add to the overall effect you are looking for. Make sure it wows you so the expensive feel doesn’t wear off overtime.

  1. Bring a Little Nature Indoors

Okay so, maybe you don’t quite have a green thumb but that doesn’t mean you can’t have plants around the home. They give your room an instant boost of liveliness even if they don’t actually grow and add sophistication that will make it feel like the real deal. Find some standout fakes at places like April & Oak, where they have many inexpensive ones to make your own and liven up your corners, tabletops, and shelves.

  1. Color-coordinate Your Finishes

Find a smaller room, like a bathroom, and identify what the focal point is. From there, you can carry whatever its finishes are all through the other items in the space with some easy swaps. It can go from generic to polished just by switching out a few knobs and won’t take a ton of effort on your part either. By being more intentional with your choices around the home, you can elevate your space to where you actually want it.

  1. Configure a Gallery Wall

Make Your Home Look More Expensive Photos art and memorabilia on living room wall


It’s almost guaranteed that you have some frames and photographs lying around the house, if not already on a wall somewhere. Take down the walkway of family pictures and arrange a cluster of your favorites as a focal point in a room instead. Adding in some things that aren’t photographs like art pieces or even a collection of ticket stubs can bring in extra interest. Go to the thrift store if you want more inspiration, and pick up a few new frames or art for cheap.

  1. Clean Up and Clear Out

A great way to give your home a show-model feel is to reduce the amount of clutter you have. Absolutely free to you, all you need to do is toss some stuff taking up visual space on your surfaces and more. Get a couple of chic bins for things you just can’t part with and throw them in there – keeping your rogue items out of sight helps keep your space open and looking fresh, longer.


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  • Great ideas. I have been wanting to change our lighting.


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