Gift Ideas for New Home Owners Balloons and Decor for House Warming

Gift Ideas for New Home Owners

It’s finally time for your now-adult children to fly the nest and move out of the family home. Your best friends have just bought their first house together. Your sibling has moved into a new home.

Regardless of who is moving into a property, it’s always lovely treating them to a ‘new home’ gift. However, it can be difficult trying to think of something thoughtful, yet practical. You want to find an item that is unique, yet one that they’re going to use. If you’re stuck when it comes to finding a great house welcoming gift for your family members or friends, here are some ideas for you to consider.

Bath Mats

Bambury bath mats are a must-have for any home. They’re not usually the first thing on people’s minds when they move into a new property, which makes people likely to forget about them. This is where buying them as a housewarming gift is perfect! You could buy a bath mat as a set with a toilet mat so your loved one has matching bathroom accessories.

Set of Pans

Pans may not be the most exciting home gift you can purchase, but they’re essential! You can get a set of high-quality pans so that your friends or a family member has cooking equipment for every occasion. Maybe they love a shiny silver or a gorgeous copper set that would look great hung up in their new kitchen.

Kitchen Utensils and Holder

How else is your loved one going to cook their favorite meals? Grab them a set of kitchen utensils and don’t forget the holder so they have somewhere to safely store them! As with pans, utensil sets come in a range of finishes. If your friend or family member loves a bit of color, why not get them an iridescent range of utensils to brighten up their kitchen area.

Key Holder

Another essential that is often overlooked, a key holder is going to ensure your loved one never loses their new house keys. There are endless designs and styles for key holders. You can get wooden boards with an adhesive back that stick onto the wall or you could go for a small trinket dish that they can keep on their sideboard. You are bound to find a key holder that has their favorite movie character or favorite interests on there. You can also get them customized from certain stores. Get your loved one’s name on their new key holder to make the gift extra special.


Lamps are needed for those dark winter days. It might seem like quite a generic present, but pretty much anybody would make good use out of a cute lamp for their living room or bedroom areas. If your loved one enjoys funky patterns and crazy colors, find a unique lamp that they will love.

Coffee Maker

If your friend or relative is an avid coffee drinker, there’s no doubt that they will absolutely love a fancy coffee machine for their new home. Be careful, as these can be pretty expensive, but they will be much appreciated by the coffee addicts out there!

Gift Ideas for New Home Owners

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