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5 Easy & Impressive Ways to Transform Your Backyard

Your backyard is your sanctuary. It’s the place you can go to unwind, feel part of nature, and, ideally, feel alone. Of course, it’s also a great space to entertain guests and even boost the value of your home.

You simply need to know the right ways to transform your backyard.

  1. Dedicated Seating Areas

Every backyard needs a seating area. It’s more than just a collection of chairs. A good seating area has ambience. It is usually close or adjoined to the house for practical reasons. You’ll want to add a deck or patio as a base and make sure the area is secluded, perhaps by making additional walls and fences. This makes it more intimate.

Alongside this, your seating area needs lights, ensuring it is well-lit up and usable throughout the day and night.

Remember to choose the seats carefully. They need to be comfortable and help to create a feeling of intimacy.

  1. Create Shade

Whether you’re entertaining or working in the yard, you’ll appreciate shade. In fact, the right shade can even help to keep the temperature down in your home. The best approach, especially when creating shade off the house wall, is to see a specialist in awnings Sydney.

They can help you with the sizing and choosing between manual and automatic. You can even choose your preferred color.

Awnings are a practical choice as they wind in and out according to the weather.

  1. Add A Feature

If you really want to transform your garden and make it stand out for the right reasons you need a feature. It could be a statue in the middle of the lawn, a water feature, or an unusual piece of art. The aim of a feature is to create a focal point. It can be used to help with meditation or to break the ice and start conversations.

All you have to do is choose a feature you’re passionate about.

  1. Add A Pool

If you already have a pool then you need to look at ways in which to improve it and the area around it. If not, it’s time to add a pool. The best option is to put an in-ground pool in. This is the most expensive option but it will last for years and can a significant amount of value to your home. Best of all, they are available in a huge array of shapes and sizes.

It also offers an array of entertaining opportunities. After all, who can resist a pool party?

  1. Establish A Hidden Area

If you really want to transform your back yard you need to add a little extra./ All yards have paths that take you between the key areas, such as the pool and the entertaining area. But, they rarely have a path that takes you to a hidden, perhaps romantic area.

Create a space like this and discreet pathways and you’ll gain privacy, have a secret hideout, and perhaps even get romantic in the area.








15 thoughts on “5 Easy & Impressive Ways to Transform Your Backyard

  • I need to do more with my backyard. At the moment it is looking rather blah. I want a new table and chairs! A pool is too pricey at the moment.

  • I love these ideas. I may have to incorporate a few into my yard.

  • I still have so much work to do in my yard. Looking forward to trying your tips.

  • What a really great ideas you have here! Thanks for sharing this with us! Love it!

  • These are all really great ideas! I’m gonna take note of these! I would love to add a pool in our backyard!

  • We upgraded our backyard deck with lots of beautiful flowers and a new patio table. It’s been so nice sitting out there!

  • We have a lot of trees around here and I really appreciate the shade. We’ve also created a sitting area.

  • Awesome! These are great ideas to transform any garden. My first priority will be is to have a pool!

  • I love these tips. We love hanging out in our backyard space. Definitely recommend adding lots of shade especially if you live in the south.

  • It is nice to have some ways to upgrade your outdoor space. I will have to plan out some of these for spring.

  • Shade and a seating or relaxing area is a must in my garden. But hidden area is an awesome idea!

  • These are great tips an other is nothing better than a beautifully maintained yard and garden and this post is for me! Love this and I am working on getting my new house yard in order 😉

  • I want to add a covered patio to my house. But that project will be a few years off because I’m still working on the inside of the house and need to paint the decks first.


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