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How To Build Up Your Business’ Online Presence

If you’re building a modern business, you need an online presence – it’s a fact of the digital working world. And thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to get started with carving out the internet for yourself. You’ve got a website with basic functionalities, and you’ve made a few social media profiles, but what now? Where do you go next with your online efforts? After all, it can often feel a lot more complicated than it actually is.  One of the easiest ways to learn is to check out Max Tornow’s helpful Facebook posts.

And that’s why we’ll help you to pick it all apart – here are some tips on how to build up your business’ online presence.

Be Where Your Customers Really Are

Your customers are going to have their preferred social media platforms, so it’s no good just creating every kind of profile you can and then try to run them all at once. Even if you’re trying to use Programmatic Display Advertising to push your brand out there a bit more, this kind of creation strategy still would not get you very far. So experiment a little; where do you get the most hype, or the most interaction? Because this is where your customers actually come from, and you should focus your efforts right there. 

Curate a Blog

Blogs are great for business, even if you’ve never even considered keeping one updated before. Indeed, if you can push out useful, business orientated content to the world at large, you can bump yourself up the search engine rankings a lot more easily. Good content creation takes time, of course, but you can get into the swing of things by publishing on a weekly schedule. Write about topics important to your business and your customers for the best success here. 

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

Quality is always going to be better than quantity, especially when it comes to your online following. After all, you can have hundreds of thousands of followers and that can look good, but it’ll mean nothing if those followers aren’t actually buying anything. So rather than focus on pandering to the masses, keep your online goal in mind and make your content substantial and interesting. If you’ve got only a handful of followers, focus on making a good experience for them. That’s where the conversions come from. 

Be a Real Person

Being real online is getting less and less popular by the day, but that’s why it’s so important for your business to try it out. Customers can sniff a rat from a mile away, and if you’re not being genuine, they’re going to simply ignore all of your online efforts. You don’t want people scrolling away without even reading your posts! So instead of trying to be as professional and clear cut as possible, be real with your followers, and talk to the thinking person in them. It’ll help attract a real sense of customer loyalty to your brand. 

Your business needs to be fleshed out online. Make sure you’re running regular, relatable content for people to come back to. 

10 thoughts on “How To Build Up Your Business’ Online Presence

  • Love the Be a Real Person. That is so true. Folks want to see the real person and not some baby doll made up one. Great post.

  • These tips are excellent for anyone starting to make their way into the online world. It can be hard to do if you don’t have a roadmap.

  • These are great tips. I try to be where my customers are all the time.

  • Being real is a must. I hate talking to bots or dealing with snobby people. Be down to earth and exist and it’s a win for me.

  • I need to get more people to read my blog. I will try some of these tips.

  • Be a real person is so important. People love authenticity!

  • I really love the last par Be a real person! These are all really great tips! I’m surely gonna keep this in mind!

  • These are great tips to remember. My blog isn’t just a hobby even though it may not earn a ton of money, I’m working towards that goal.

  • Keeping up with an online presence is so important. Not only do you have to get established, but be consistent!

  • These are some very helpful tips here! I agree with the quality of quantity


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