Best Things to Do During a 3-Day Weekend in Chicago

Chicago is among the largest cities in the United States of America, it is even listed among the future megacities of the world! The city is also a world-renowned architectural hub with various spectacular infrastructural designs like the famous Sears Tower. Some museums keep the city’s heritage, which has existed for ages.

Here are some activities and places you can visit during your 3-day weekend in Chicago

Visit the Skydeck at Willis Tower

The Willis Tower has been the tallest building in the world for almost 25 years, till recently. It is still among the tallest skyscrapers on American soil. At the top, there’s a glass extending outside the walls of the building from which gutted visitors can walk over while staring at the streets several feet beneath. It’s a rare experience that you can’t afford to miss!

The Bean at Millennium Park

Best Things to Do During a 3-Day Weekend in Chicago / The Bean, in Chicago

Millennium Park is yet another place you will find to be soothing as you watch the impressive Chicago skyline. While at the park, you can easily access most skyscrapers, such as The Willis Tower. At the edge of the park is the famous The Bean. It’s among the most photographed monument in Chicago due to its unique appearance and shining magnificence. Why not be among the masses that have been to this iconic monument?

Walk Along The 606

This trail is an elevated sidewalk and another phenomenal attraction, especially for outdoorsy visitors wishing to take a long walk or ride a bike in Chicago. The sidewalk used to be an industrial railroad which was later repurposed. You can also go simply to admire the views and see the many art installations along the way.

Go on an Architecture River Cruise

There’s no better way to experience and marvel at the fascinating architecture in Chicago than to cruise through the River. An alternative to this cruise is taking a walk along the Chicago Riverwalk. The advantage of the Riverwalk is that you’ll find great restaurants along the way, where you can enjoy different cuisines as you tour the city. However, it’s advisable to do the cruises during summers because the waters freeze during winter.

Visit the Art Institute of Chicago

Best Things to Do During a 3-Day Weekend in Chicago / Chicago Art Institute at Night

The Art Institute of Chicago is among the oldest and largest museums in the USA. For this reason, most of the cultural, social, and economic history of Chicago City is harbored in this museum. The museum’s location is equally convenient since it’s next to Millennium Park. Therefore, while at the park, you can find some time and visit this art gallery. There are other museums you can see if you find time, like Field Museum and the Adler Planetarium.

Enjoy fantastic food at the Randolph Street (West Loop)

Almost all the best food joints in Chicago are located in the West Loop of Randolph Street. You can enjoy any delicacy you want while enjoying the sight of the various government buildings and transport infrastructure.

Have you been to Chicago and have additional activities to suggest doing? Let us know about them!

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