Injured Man in Hardhat - 5 Important Things to Do When You Get an Injury at Work

5 Important Things to Do When You Get an Injury at Work

No matter where you work, the idea is to keep your work zone a safe and productive environment. There are many different laws in place to protect you, none of them are perfect.

Sometimes the worst may happen and you sustain an injury at work. This can be a minor cut to a major accident. No matter how the accident went down, you need to know what to do next.

We have the 5 major steps you need to follow right from the accident so you can get the compensation you need to recover well.

1. Report the Injury and Incident

When the accident happens, your first step is to notify those in charge. Whoever is the current manager needs to know what went down and what damage you suffered.

This allows them to react with official status. If you need an ambulance, your manager can call one with company compensation in mind. This starts the official process.

2. Seek Medical Attention If Needed

The biggest emergency is to find medical aid as soon as you can. Once an assessment of the situation has been had, determine if you or anyone else needs medical aid. Better to get medical aid and not need it.

If you don’t need emergency medical attention but will need medical help later on, there are federal workers compensation doctors who can help you.

3. File a Workers Compensation Claim

Now that the dire issues are out of the way, you need to begin the worker’s compensation claim. This is a complicated process with a lot of paperwork, but your Human Resources department is there to help you through it.

The claim will include a thorough accident report, your information, as well as plenty of information that your employer will provide.

4. Determine if You Need a Lawyer

If at any point during the process you feel like something is missing or you feel like your employer and insurers are being uncooperative, seek legal aid as soon as possible.

There are lawyers that specialize in understanding and protecting victims in a worker’s compensation case. Things can get nasty if anyone is uncooperative.

Some employers, including their appointed physicians and legal team, may do as little as possible to keep you from getting full compensation.

5. Follow Instructions for Workers Compensation Resolution

Whether you need the help of a legal team or not, the process will take a while for all the paperwork to go through.

When the process resolves you will get compensation equal to the damage done to you during the accident. This can include missed work hours due to the injury at work.

Depending on the type of accident, some things may provide compensation. Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol can stop compensation. As well, disobeying safety precautions can remove compensation.

Recovery From Your Injury at Work

With the worker’s compensation process working and resolving, your injury at work will hopefully be a memory and nothing more. Without these steps, you can be in serious trouble, facing big medical bills or worse.

We here at Beautiful Touches strive to help you live your best life. When things go wrong, we find ways to make them right. This guide is only one of many. Check out our other articles for more news and tips on all sorts of categories.


5 Important Things to Do When You Get an Injury at Work

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