5 Tips For Easier Hot Tub Maintenance

Keeping your hot tub maintained can seem like a never-ending task. You have to keep an eye on the chemicals, test the pH balance, and filter the water regularly. These things take time and effort, but they’re necessary if you want to use your hot tub for years to come. Keeping tabs on your hot tub can be tricky since it’s something you only use once or twice a month (if that). Luckily, there are some simple tricks you can use to make keeping up with the maintenance of your hot tub much simpler. These tips will help you get the most out of your spa while preventing expensive repairs down the road.

Read on for more information on easier hot tub maintenance.

Check the Filters Regularly

Hot tub filters are the unsung heroes of the hot tub maintenance world. They remove the dirt and debris from the water, extending the hot tub’s life and filtering itself. Hot tub filters are typically pleated, meaning they have folds that allow for an increased surface area. The increased surface area means more room for debris trapped in the filter. To keep tabs on your hot tub filter, you should check its cleanliness every two weeks. You can do this by turning off the filter and removing the housing. You can check the filter once the housing is removed by removing the filter cartridge. Check the filter for any signs of corrosion, holes, or clogs. If you notice any of these, replace the filter.

Change the Water Every Two to Three Months

After a certain time, the water will have absorbed all the substances it can and needs to be replaced. This is usually every two to three months. If you don’t change the water, you risk the chemicals not being as effective and certain parts of the tub corroding. The more often you change the water, the more you’ll have to do other maintenance tasks. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, call a hot tub maintenance company to help ensure your hot tub is running correctly and in good condition.

Use Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are a great way to keep your hot tub clean and in good condition. You can place a handful of old tennis balls in your filter to help collect any dirt and grime and soak up any oils. This will help extend the life of your filter by keeping it clean and efficient. You can also use old socks for the same purpose. If your hot tub filter is clean and the water is still murky, you may need to adjust the filter. It’s essential to keep tabs on the filter and ensure it’s clean and working correctly. If the filter is clogged up with dirt and grime, it will be unable to do its job perfectly. This can lead to issues such as an increase in the chemical level in your water.

Use Dish Soap To Check for Leaks

If you’re not sure if you have a leak in your hot tub, you can always use dish soap to find out. You have to fill up the hot tub with water, add a bit of dish soap, and plug the drains. The dish soap will calm the ripples of the water, allowing you to get a better look under the water and find any issues quickly.

Have Weekly Cleaning Sessions

Cleaning your hot tub every week can keep it looking and feeling brand new. Weekly cleaning is a great way to ensure your hot tub stays bacteria-free and in excellent condition. When cleaning your hot tub, clean the walls, the bottom, and the water. If you don’t clean the walls and bottom of the hot tub, they can become covered in algae and build-up. This can make your hot tub smell terrible and feel slimy. Once you’ve cleaned the hot tub, you can treat it with some hot tub chemicals to make sure it stays bacteria-free.


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