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5 tips for Editing and Creating Beautiful Digital Photo

I love Digital Photography…
and I want PhotoShop so much – I can taste it.
While I wait for Santa to leave a copy under my tree,
here are a few handy tips that I’ve discovered.
1.  Research to find an editing program the works for you.
Search online for information on whats available.
Figure out your budget, what you need, and how you plan to use it.
This is a fantastic time to be thinking about making a purchase.
Black Friday will be here in a blink of an eye.
Don’t want to stand in long lines?
Trade with a friend – you bake cookies for him/her, while they shop.
Watch for online sales…many times they will start on 
Thanksgiving Day.

2.   Know your camera.  Read the instruction book
over and over again, so that you can be comfortable
with all the settings.  Find someone else who has the 
same make and model and get tips from them.
I learned how to use mine, via a couple of bloggers…
one in Texas and one in Belgium.
The were able to share insights with me, that made
using my camera so much easier.
Think about taking a class at your local 
community college.
Often they will have very reasonably priced
non-credit classes,  for beginning and experienced
photographers.  You can learn the basics of
photography and editing.  Now is the time
to be thinking about registering for classes that start in Januray.

3.  ALWAYS back up your photos!!!
I can’t stress this enough.
I like to have two copies, so that they can be stored
in different places.  You might also consider
and online back up system.  Three’s a charm.
If you have two back ups on your end, and one
on another, you can be sure that you will
never lose those precious pics.

4.  If at all possible, shoot in natural light.  
There just isn’t a substitute for the sun.
Flash photography is hard to do without a LOT
of extra equipment.  Try to keep the sun at your back
and think about shadows when  taking your pictures.
I’ve found that the best times are early in the morning
and later in the afternoon.
Shooting mid-day makes for lots of squinting,
which doesn’t make for the best shots.

5.  Practice – Practice – Practice
The beauty of digital, is that you can instantly
see what you’ve captured.
Don’t care for the picture?
Just delete. 
Experiment with angles, props, backgrounds.
Still Life, people, animals.
Mountains, the seashore, deserts, and rivers.
No need to always have your subjects pose…
often your best
results will be spontaneous and random.
Here’s wishing you all the most wonderful memoried
captured for a lifetime!
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