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5 Ways To Ensure A Stress-Free Week Before You Move House

When arranging to move house, it helps to learn as many house move hacks as possible to ensure you can save yourself and your family plenty of hassle. Still, these hacks may not always work out the way you hoped, and there’s a chance that you may still encounter stress as you approach the final week before your move. No one wants this occasion to be stressful, especially with your life’s next chapter coming up, so how can you ensure a stress-free experience? 

Sort Out Your Mail and Documents

From subscriptions to deliveries and more, plenty of businesses and organizations have your details. Now you’re moving, you need to go through all of them and ensure that any mail or correspondence arrives at your new address. Since many mailing lists can take time to update with new information, it’s best to do this as soon as possible so that you don’t miss anything important. The most important places include your bank and your family doctor, while other subscriptions may require cancellation depending on where you’re moving to. 

Pack Everything You Won’t Need 

Going through this room-by-room checklist can help you identify everything you don’t need as early as possible so you can pack it away ready for shipping. This will make the last week much easier on you as you won’t spend time worrying about packing clothes or bulky items away. You can also focus on the things you need the most and store them in one room until you’re ready to leave. 

Deep Clean the House 

No one wants to move into a messy house. A deep cleaning service overcomes a common problem people encounter when moving out. You don’t realize how time-consuming it is to clean your home even if you keep it tidy most of the time. Services like https://highlandparkhousekeeping.com/ can take over that responsibility for you so you can focus on other move preparation essentials, such as packing or selling items. 

Give Yourself Plenty of Time 

Unless you have been blind-sided by a move, you should know for a few weeks that you’re moving house. Because of this, you must give yourself plenty of time to get everything in order. Decluttering your home is a good place to start as it means you don’t simply move something from one place to the other. Instead, you can get rid of what you don’t need (either by selling or donating it) and gradually make your home easier to pack up. 

Move Out Slowly

If you are only moving from one side of town to the other, you may get away with moving out slowly. There are many storage options you can consider for boxes that you won’t need immediately. Likewise, parents or friends may also be happy to store things for you until you’re fully settled in your new place.


It’s natural to feel a little anxious and stressed during a move. For some, it can be a substantial lifestyle change that could disrupt the happy life you’ve made for yourself and your family. The last thing you want is a hassle at the final hurdle, so remembering these trips will save you plenty of trouble and give you the positive attitude your move deserves. 

There you have it…5 Ways To Ensure A Stress-Free Week Before You Move House

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