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6 Hacks to Achieve the “No Makeup” Makeup Look

It’s not every day that you want to keep every eye glued on you due to the loads of blending makeup you are wearing. There’s that moment when you want to cut things in the middle and get a feeling as though you don’t have makeup at all, but on second thought, you still have it. 

A ‘’no makeup’’ look calls for a minimalist makeup application, the kind that provides you with sufficient coverage with a very minimal base. Your choices could be neutral tones or a hydrated base. It will still look like makeup, but what will be more pronounced is your skin. Grab these six hacks to pamper yourself with a ‘’no makeup’’ makeup look. 

Wear false lashes with a natural look

You want to keep a no makeup look but do not spoil it with false lashes that look too artificial. Keep everything natural, including the lashes. Choose quality natural looking lashes from Lilac St, Ardell, Lilly, or KVD Beauty. Naturally looking false lashes do not have visible strips. They are ultralight lashes that will make you feel comfortable, fluttery, and real. They will not look heavy on your eyes because they will move flexibly with your eyelid. 

Glow your skin

Except for eyelashes, all other makeup goes directly on your skin. They become visible because they hide the glow of your skin. If you want to boast before your girlfriends that you’ve gone natural, work on the glow of your skin. It will be your little secret that you have makeup on you but to them, you will be natural. 

Don’t worry if you lack that natural skin glow because you can easily fake it. Use hydration to keep your skin moisturized and supple. Once your skin begins to glow, embark on your minimalist makeup application. Pair that with the gleaming smile you could get from midtown dental care midtown manhattan and we’re sure you would be a head-turner!

Protect your skin with sun cream

The secret here is to keep your skin as natural as possible but natural sunlight can make your skin crack or have blemishes. The lightest makeup will shout out if applied on dry skin or skin with too many blemishes. A sun cream that provides your skin with broad-spectrum protection will shield it from the sunlight for hours. Avoid applying dozens of sun cream layers because you might spoil the expected goal for a “no makeup” makeup look. 

Use a light coverage

You might love to apply for full coverage but the reality is that it will be a thick formulation that will be visible on your skin. Your counter action might be to apply loads of concealers on your face which might not go well with your goal. 

Resist your temptation for heavy products and embrace light ones. Remember you’ve already worked on your skin glow so that it glows through your light makeup to give a false look of makeup absence. Make the timing right so that the skin will be freshly moisturized, toned, and cleansed before laying your light coverage on it. 

Be mean with the concealer

Your skin might look natural after wearing a light coverage but to make the tone even, a concealer will work the trick. You must be mean with your choices and application. You have to choose between liquid, stick, crayon, cream, or cream powder. 

Avoid slathering liquid concealer all over your face. If you want to maintain a natural “no makeup” makeup look but are still worried about those dark spots, circles, or other blemishes, a light stick concealer will work wonders on your skin. It will hide the blemishes and blend well with the coverage to make you look like you are not wearing any makeup. 

Keep away matte and use creams

No matter how light matte could be, it can never shimmer or look glossy. Due to its dark color, it will depart far from your skin, leaving it with a rough texture that is readily visible. You want something that will embrace your skin and stick with it the entire day. This is a trick that creamy makeup will generously provide. It will easily blend with your skin and will never show any evidence that your skin is layered with makeup. Be careful if your skin is oily because some creamy makeup might augment it, making it shout too much. 

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