Bride and Groom - 6 Ideal Styles for the Perfect Groom

When the wedding planning starts, the bride is usually the center of attention. Not only is she usually the one who puts the whole thing together, but there’s also a lot of focus on her look: from the big ballgown to all the little details. The groom is usually left on the side, which isn’t the way it should be. The groom should take as much part in the wedding process as the bride, and especially when it comes to their look. So, here are some amazing looks that you can consider for your big day:

Groom in Classic Dark Gray Blue Suit -  6 Ideal Styles for the Perfect Groom

Keep it classic


There’s nothing like a good, classic suit to make a man look great. The key to a good suit is the tailoring, because if the fit isn’t just right – it will all look off. Just like a bride goes to a million dress fittings, so should you – with the exception that you can wear the suit over and over again after the wedding, which is even more incentive to invest in it and make it look good. A classic suit is something that gives you a good, classic base, so you can build on top of it to really make the perfect look, perhaps incorporating elements from these other looks.

Go for casual

Not every couple wants a big, traditional, black-tie wedding. For some, it’s just a day to celebrate with friends and have fun. The bride doesn’t go crazy with the dress, and nor does the groom. Of course, you should under no circumstances get married in a T-shirt, but a simple button-up with a good pair of pants can be all you need to look dressy yet casual. You can step it up with some suspenders or a vest, but it’s perfectly fine to keep it casual. The materials matter here because if you go with something too fancy, like a dress shirt, you’ll end up looking over-dressed or like you’re missing parts of the outfit. Go for something that can stand its own ground as a top.

Groom in khaki pants with suspenders - 6 Ideal Styles for the Perfect Groom

Match your surroundings

If you are having a beautiful chapel wedding with a very traditional ceremony, you should have a traditional suit for it. However, if you’re getting married on a lovely Australian beach, you might want to wear something a bit lighter that matches the setting. Your best bet is a local tailor, so for example, find someone who makes amazing wedding suits in Sydney and ask for a suit to fit the beach wedding. They will most certainly go for lighter materials and softer colors to match the venue.

Details matter

Every suit, no matter how formal or casual and no matter what color or material, needs a little something special that will make you stand out. It’s all in the details and for your wedding day, you want to make sure that there is something uniquely yours as a part of your outfit. It can be personalized cuff-links, a tie that adds something fresh, or even your favorite crazy-colored socks. You can also line the inside of your suit jacket with a different color or pattern so it’s only visible in some moments.

6 Ideal Styles for the Perfect Groom

Stand out

For those who are bold and want to really show that they admire fashion and its uniqueness, there are things much different from a regular suit that will still look amazing. The trend of deconstructed kimonos made the rounds a while back and it’s a stunning look for a wedding if you want an eastern touch. Make sure you know how to properly wear them and make the look work because if you don’t actually pull it off, it can be a bit of a disaster.

Be completely you

There’s nothing worse than an outfit that’s impersonal because you can clearly tell that it wasn’t the groom that picked out and put together the outfit. On your wedding day, you shouldn’t try to be someone you’re not. If you are a nerdy guy, go wear those suspenders and the checkered suit with the bow tie. If you love Norse mythology, deck yourself out with runes. Do whatever feels most you because you don’t want to spend your wedding day as someone else.

You’re only planning on getting married once, so make sure that you look good and feel great in the things you’re wearing on your big day.

6 Ideal Styles for the Perfect Groom

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