8 Woodworking Power Tools for Beginners

Woodworking is an art. Whether you are looking to accomplish your garden project at home or planning to introduce a woodwork shop, you must first know the theory of this art. Once the theory is mastered, it’s time to buy the power tools for execution. Given a wide array of power tools available for woodworking, a lot of beginners are at loss about the fittest buys. Not to brush aside the fact that each of these tools comes at a significant price.

Here’s something to ease your dilemma. A good piece of woodwork can be created with only a few basic power tools. We shall discuss about eight principal woodworking tools in this article.

Don’t get baffled by the myriad companies offering similar products in the market. Before you buy, make sure to read some expert reviews about these power tools to make a prudent purchase.

1. Random Orbital Sander: These hand-held tools are deceivingly power-packed to provide the ultimate polish to the wood. One may argue why to buy a random orbital sander when a hand sanding block can do the job much cheaper. But your hands cannot match the high performance and efficiency of a power tool that uses hook-and-loop secured sanding discs. The tool scores more due to its random sanding motion which leaves no swirl marks on the wood. Have you tried to use any of these randomized orbital sanders? If not, try one. You won’t be disappointed

2. Table Saw: This is, probably, the protagonist in a woodworker’s story. It’s a motor-driven saw-bench equipped with a circular saw blade. Mounted on an arbor, the blade cuts through the table surface. Its height of protrusion could be adjusted to suit the depth of the cut required.

3. Circular Saw: If table saw doesn’t fit your budget, you can always settle for a circular saw as a beginner. It’s a power-saw with a coarse disc or blade that moves in a circular fashion to cut through the woods. A circular saw could be as accurate and powerful as a table saw, especially for cutting medium-density plywood and fiberboards.

4. Jigsaw: Jigsaw is a necessity for the DIY projects. Versatility and ease of handling are its two biggest USPs. Use a jigsaw especially to cut curved patterns in the wood. Make sure that the jigsaw blades are super sharp. Else, it may fail to produce the desired results.

5. Cordless Drill: When it comes to woodwork, how could it be possible not to talk about the power drills? It’s like the salt in a savory. You cannot accomplish any production assembling work without a drill. It’s the favorite tool among DIYers and hobbyists. Although the corded drills come cheaper, you’d very well know about the flexibility and
maneuverability that comes with a cordless version. You no more have to worry about accomplishing the high-intensity works of fastening wooden and metallic materials.

6. Compound Miter Saw: This power tool is mostly used to make fast and accurate crosscuts at compound angles. Be it a straight, miter, or a compound cut – this tool does it all. The blade of a compound miter saw is mounted on a multi-angle adjustable arm. This power tool is particularly useful for establishing intricate scrollwork and trims on wood.

7. Router: Are you planning to gift a handmade wooden photo frame to your spouse for the anniversary? You must buy a router at the earliest. A router is a hand-held power tool used primarily to hollow out woods, especially for cabinetry. Professional woodworkers and carpenters consider router as one of the most versatile woodworking power tools. You can use it not just as a hollowing tool, but also to shape edges, create joints, and to carve out perfect dadoes, rabbets, and motley patterns. You might also wish to invest in a router table in the near future.

8. Thickness Planer: All of us will agree on the monotony of straightening and trimming the edges of a wooden stock. How desperately we wait to get over it to move on to the more interesting parts of woodworking! Thickness planers come as blessings in this boring situation. A thickness planer serves to even out a side of the board, giving it a smooth look and a consistent thickness. Of course, the hand-held tools are cheaper means to flatten the wood to a uniform thickness. But compare it with the smooth and uneven finishing of a thickness planer, and you will not want to use the hand tools again. It’s absolutely easy to handle and saves a lot of time and energy.




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