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Anytime you add pets to your household, you add resposibilities to your daily life.  Owning chickens means extra work, but it doesn’t need to be difficult or time consuming.  Right now we have 17 hens and I averagae between 10 – 15 each day, tending to their needs.  In exchange, they offer us fresh eggs and lot of laughs!

The key is setting up you coops to be easily maintained.  I have three coops, and the girls choose where they wish to sleep each night.  Usually 7 of them cuddle up in the Eglu Go UP, 9 of them will head into the big coop and silly Louisie often beds down alone in the smallest of the three coops.  I basically use the same method to clean each.

Every morning, someone in the household will let the girls out.  Some scoot out right away, others like to sleep in a bit.  When I go out, I bring a big bowl of fermented feed for them.  As they jostle over who gets to it first, I open up all three coops.  I usually do the largest first.  This is what awaits me…not the prettiest sight!

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

But it gets done before you can say Bob’s your uncle.  I just move the roosting bars over to one side. And with my handy scoop and sifter, I remove all the waste, which is super easy due to using zeolite in the bottom slide out “drawer”/ droppings board.  (Thank you to Kathy Mormeno “The Chicken Chick” for the awesome tip on the zeolite and the sifter! You can get one HERE )

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

Once I’ve scooped up all the chicken poop, I shake the sifter and the exsess zeolite falls back into the coop. I then take the contents and dump them into the compost pile.

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

I then put add another scoop of zeolite (if needed) and spread it out evenly over the “drawer” with the back of the scoop.  Once that’s done, I put the roosting bars back in postion.  Quite often, Louise feels the need to supervise my work!

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop CleaningToday on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

If any of the pine shavings need to be removed from the nesting boxes, I just scoop them out and dump them in the compost pile too!  I keep my zeolite (I use PDZ, that I get at Tractor Supply) and pine shavings and feed, in galvanized aluminum garbage cans that are kept near the coops. The same process is used on the other coops.  The only difference is, that with the Egly Go UP, I just pull out the tray and dump it directly into the compost heap. Once a week, I’ll take a hose and spray it down and wipe dry with paper towels.

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

Using this method, my coops are always clean, dry and amonia free. Once coops are done, I empty, rinse and refill waterers and fill feeders.  Usually Thelma, Louise and Foggy have laid eggs by the time I come out to clean.  Later in the day, I will recheck for eggs, and refill feeders, if needed. EASY!

Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

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3 thoughts on “Today on the Funny Farm: Coop Cleaning

  1. My niece has stared keeping chickens & to be honest “cleaning the coop” is what is mainly keeping me from doing the same- that & I have no space. Will be passing this along to her!

  2. I wanted to say thank you for the heads up on the Zeolite, What a lifesaver! I read your article and tried it for myself and what a world of difference!! Thank you PS And my girls thank you too!!🐤🐥🐣🐔

  3. Why are my chickens so mean???? They are chasing me and crashing into my legs!!! They are too funny I love having them

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