7 Ways To Personalize Your Wedding Day

You shouldn’t have to settle for a generic wedding. Personalizing your wedding can help to make it more special to you and your partner. It could also make it a more memorable event for all your guests.

Here are just a few different ways to personalize your wedding day.

Consider a themed dress code

While you may be happy with guests turning up in any attire, you could alternatively opt for a themed dress code. This could be something fairly simple such as dressing in a specific color or it could be something wackier such as medieval costume or sci-fi dress theme. Obviously, you and your partner could also embrace this theme if you’re not dead set on getting married in a white dress and suit.

For the wedding entourage, consider getting matching customizable satin robes or pajamas. The robes or pajamas can double as wedding favors for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Everyone can wear them the night before or while getting ready for the ceremony and take great pre-wedding photos.

Write your own vows

During the ceremony, there are certain things that have to be legally stated and agreed on. However, you can add in your own personalized vows if you want. You’ll need to talk to your registrar about this so that they can find the best way of inserting your vows in.

Get creative with table names

When it comes to the seat plan during your wedding meal, you consider coming up with a unique name for each table. The names could all follow a theme. This could include names of pets, your favorite musical artists, your favorite films or places that you’ve traveled to together.

Opt for foods with a special meaning

When it comes to the meal, you could consider foods that have a certain significance. For instance, you could choose foods that reflect your cultural backgrounds. If you’re planning a sit-down meal, you could even come up with a menu with creatively named dishes that relate to you and your partner.   

Create a personalized playlist

It’s also worth considering what music you will play on your wedding day. Working in a few songs with personal meaning could help to make your wedding that extra bit more special. Most people choose a song for the first dance, but there’s no reason why you can’t choose a list of songs to play at your wedding. Of course, you will need to make sure that the DJ or live band can perform these songs.

Try unique entertainment

There could be other unique forms of entertainment that you could look into. You could consider incorporating games that you love such as roulette or cornhole – and you could even look into personalized cornhole bags. You could hire a cover band of your favorite group. You could even host a quiz during the night in which the questions all relate to you and your partner.

Personalize the cake

The cake is an aspect of the wedding that you can also personalize. This could include creative topping decorations that may relate to a personal interest that you both share such as skiing or drinking or movies. There’s also the option of unusual fillings such as incorporating coffee if you both love coffee. 

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