The Top 3 Smartphone Accessories Everyone Should Have

Only ten years ago, people saw the smartphone as just a phone. The smartphone was new, it was revolutionary, but for the most part, people weren’t bowled over by it because no one knew what the true potential of this technology was. Now we do know and it’s nothing short of a technological phenomenon. We have very powerful computers in our pockets, that can do just about anything for us. One of the most important changes in our society is the contactless payment. People are using their phone as a credit card but without all the practical fuss. Thus, we have started to think about the various accessories that will protect our phones from physical and cyber harm. 

These are the Smartphone Accessories you need to have in 2020.

Slim and strong

The majority of smartphones are still made with glass backs. This is to allow for wireless charging. However, it also makes them very vulnerable for two reasons. A, they are very slippery and can fall out of hands and pockets very easily. B, glass backs can smash and shatter. The only way to replace the back of your phone is to send it into a phone repair shop or back to the brand if you’re still under warranty. This will likely cost a fair bit. Instead, use the excellent and now world-renowned slim aramid fiber cases of Pitaka. Using military-grade materials, these cases are very durable and tough. They protect the weak back of your smartphone, while also giving your phone enough texture to stay firmly in your pocket even while doing strenuous activity.

New age wallet

Since people are using their phone as their credit card, it begs the question, does the wallet matter anymore? It does, but it’s changed. Now a wallet is a case for your phone as well. This type of rfid iPhone case also protects your phone from being read by radio frequency identification technology. This stops fraud and hacking taking place, keeping your phone safe from cybercriminals that could be sat right next to you in a coffee shop. It also has anti-radiation properties due to the lead-free blocking material it uses in its composite design. It’s not rigid and inflexible, however, as it’s padded with a soft microfiber lining. You have up to three spaces to hold any other cards you may want to keep with you, as well as space for a pen.

Goodbye Jack

For some reason, there has been quite the resistance to get rid of the 3.5mm earphone jack. When wireless earphones broke out onto the scene, they were too expensive at first. Now however there are lots of different options, with many of them being quite affordable. So it’s time to say goodbye to Jack and go with an earphone brand that you like. Your options are Gear Geek, Next-Gen, JLab, Skullcandy, and Xiaomi to name a few.

A strong yet lightweight protective case such as one from the Pitaka range is a must-have these days. The wallet has changed and now it’s mainly for your smartphone. But make sure, you have protection from any cybercriminal activity.


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